Saturday, December 11, 2010

Welcome Christmas

For as long as I can remember, the Saturday after Thanksgiving is the day we venture out to get our Christmas tree.

Some people might like fake trees and that's okay, but I love real Christmas trees. They just smell so good and are different every year which adds to their loveliness.

The beautiful sunny sky was deceiving. It was pretty cold that day.

The saw holding can only be done by those who are experienced for sure.

Greens being collected for the mantle

I think the tree we want might be over here...

"This one looks good. What do you think?"

What about this cute Charlie Brown-ish tree?

The sun was bright that day!

Ohh, that's a little better...

The Christmas Bush!

Lovely seed pods, aren't they?

After more looking...and going back to one we found earlier
we decided on it...and gave it one last look over before cutting.


Our tree! It's a little bare in spots, but it's ours!
Just like people, some of the trees were immature, some were short, some tall, some bare in spots, but they were all lovely in their own way. And all taken care of by the owner, just as we are.


ag. said...

We just got our real tree last night and I LOVE IT! :) Cute photos!

Nancy said...

Great post about searching for and cutting a tree. It will look wonderful when it's decorated!

Brenna said...

Dear Tasha,

Thanks for posting this, although it does make me long for home and this tradition. Only one more day though. . . yipee!!!

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