Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Links to Love


How to transfer an image with gel medium.

Awesome tilt shift images.

Birds on the wires.

Adorable artist images. Especially this, this, and this.

The knitting clock. Brilliant!

How to retro-fit your hair with a 40's up-do. I think I'll try this.

Awesome wedding invitations.


Lovely polar bear wall paper (and room in general!)

Even though this song is getting kind of old (in my book) I thought they did really a good job:

I loved it when Finn sang to Kurt:

Awesome casette tape artistry from the original youtube song "Just The Way You Are" (see above for Finn's version!):


Did you know Elder Scott was a watercolor artist?

Elizabeth Smart and missionary work.

First Presidency Christmas Devotional. This Sunday!


The story of a woman living with face blindness.

Bite sized fiction.

America's greatest word. OK?

Transcription of the journals of a woman who lived during WW II- blog format!


Funny Windows Error messages.

The Dickson Experimental Sound Film:

These beauties kind of make me wish I had an iPhone!

Replica of King Tut's mummy (currently in Times Square):


A (not so) secret subway stop in NYC! Definitely on my "to do list" when I visit.

A welcome home to remember!:

Christmas Flash Mob:

Interesting handmade toys for kids.


The healthiest foods for under $1.

Fun fishbowl. If I were the fish, I might be tempted to jump out of the mouth.

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Nancy said...

Natasha, what a fun post. So many links to look at! I especially enjoyed Birds on the Wire, knitting clock, and The Hallelujah Chorus. Fun!

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