Wednesday, December 15, 2010

$40 for a Christmas tree and they don't deliver?!

Lately I've been so good at making excuses for myself. In fact, I have so many I'm giving them away for Christmas wrapped in beautiful paper and topped with a big red bow.

Do you want a few?

I need to get rid of them all because they aren't cutting it for me anymore.

Send me your address and I'll get them to you right away.

I need to do better.

Ok, I'm glad that's off my chest.


My engaged roommate has set a date for her wedding: March 25th.

After Christmas I'm going dress shopping with her. I'm excited because I've never been wedding dress shopping with anyone before.

Her wedding is on a Friday and she is having the reception that very night, which makes sense to me because the next day is Saturday which means they can sleep in and cuddle if they want, which is a very good thing for newly-married people to do, in my opinion- both the sleeping and the cuddling. (Sorry for the very bad run on sentence).


One of my friends started a Christmas blog with crafts and other nice present ideas including food. Have a look-see!


Another one of my friends is moving back to this town from Manhattan, NY this very day. We met in July and he's been going through a pretty rough time in his life, so he wants a fresh start. I'm looking forward to him not being so far away.


Last Christmas my sister and I got a coupon for a week of free tanning at a tanning salon. We went almost every day and even though I know tanning is so bad (microwaving our insides and all that) the heat felt so good when it was time to go back out in the frigid air of winter.


I'm really super excited to go home for Christmas!! Really excited!


Now for some counting:

10 days until Christmas
7 days till I go home for Christmas
3 days till my sister comes home from BYU-I for Christmas (that is unless she moved her flight up and is coming home today...)


We are having a white elephant gift exchange at our apartment on Friday night! What is the best white elephant gift you've ever received? Let's discuss this...


By the way, Christmas is for families. I'm so excited to see mine, but I've already discussed that. Just wanted to make sure you knew.


P.S. 10 bonus points if you can name the movie where this post title comes from...

P.P.S. At least you didn't pay $40 for this blog post, otherwise you'd be dissapointed I didn't deliver for you.


Valerie said...

Haha, I love this movie! My family used to watch this all the time during Christmas. While You Were Sleeping.

Nice.... Sweatuh.

Nancy said...

No thanks for the excuses. I have plenty of my own....
Dress shopping should be lots of fun (and congratulations to your roommate!).
As for me, Christmas season can start when you and Brenna are home!
White elephant parties are tricky. Is the white elephant something you have and don't want or is it some odd purchase you make to befuddle the receiver?
Thanks for the bonus points. "While You Were Sleeping" is one of those perfect Christmas movies.

Natasha and Jesse said...

Valerie- 10 points! We watch it every Christmas (and often in between) too! So funny.

Nancy- I agree when about when the Christmas season starts- it's so much better with family. They didn't specify about the white elephant, but they said $5 limit so I assume that would mean I could buy something or give something I already have...

Anonymous said...

Love this!

Also, While You Were Sleeping. Classic. I used to watch this movie every day. I'm sort of a romantic comedy nut (as long as they're well written).

I'm so glad you get to be home for Christmas!


Anonymous said...

"He looks like he's... leaning."

Brenna said...

Dear Tasha,
How I love you!!! Do I get 10 points too, because you know I know where the title came from ;) Could you please send some excuses my way so I could give some away? Thank you in advance!

love, Brenna

P.S. I love your blog like PB loves Jam! It brings a smile to my face!

P.P.S. I love you!

Natasha and Jesse said...

Brenna, you most certainly get 10 points! I'll get on the excuses right away.

P.S. I love you like macaroni loves cheese.

Teachinfourth said...

I ended up with a skunk tail when I was a kid, luckily, I was able to 'swap' it with somebody else (the woman who brought it in the first place) so I guess I really didn't get it at all.

Other than that, toilet paper and bars of soap.


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