Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Memories

I remember going out the Saturday after Thanksgiving and cutting down our Christmas tree. I remember often stopping at Bob Evans to eat dinner afterward and sharing cups of hot chocolate with whipped cream with my sister. I remember ordering as many cups as we wanted- free refills!

I remember believing in Santa Claus and knowing that he must be real because my dad had a picture with him at the North Pole, surrounded by snow.

I remember, almost every year without fail, discussing about a family in need in our ward and deciding to help them. I remember gathering the supplies- food, toys, and a few items of clothing and putting it all in a basket. I remember driving past the house (so we wouldn't be seen), running up to the door, dropping the basket down, knocking on the door and then running back to the car. I remember waiting and watching to see if they opened the door. If they didn't open the door, I remember my dad calling them on the phone disguising his voice and telling them to look on their porch because there was something there for them. I remember smiling at the thought of their Christmas being a little bit brighter because we served.

I remember putting up our advent calendar on December 1st and every day opening the little window to see the scene behind it. I remember opening number 24 and seeing a picture of the nativity and remembering again the real reason for Christmas.

I remember my sister and I waking up early on Christmas morning, the smell of pine tree, cinnamon rolls, and oranges thick in my nostrils. I remember creeping down the stairs (so I wouldn't wake my parents) and making my way to the Christmas tree, turning on the lights and soaking in the beauty. I remember opening up my stocking and running back up-stairs to my sleeping parents and asking them to get up so we could open presents. I remember them asking for a few more minutes of sleep. I remember always wondering why they were so tired on Christmas morning.

I remember taking turns opening presents and being so happy. I remember the joy of giving to family members. I remember the big smiles on their faces.

I remember, despite not having a whole lot of money, always having presents for Christmas.

I remember snuggling on my parent's bed under the "cuddle quilt" and laughing with my mom and dad and sister until my sides hurt and then taking a nap.

I remember making snowmen in our front yard and sledding down the hill with my sister on a sled from my mother's childhood. I remember gathering with the neighborhood children and sledding down our some-what icy, hilly street. I remember going back inside with our wet, snowy clothes, standing just inside the closed door and taking off our snow gear. I remember standing over our heating vents and watching as my dress poofed up as I dried off and warmed up. I remember drinking hot chocolate with whipped cream and wrapping my hands around the cup to warm them.

I remember on Sundays after church, gathering together all our extra bread, apples, and carrots and going to the Ohio Village and feeding the geese, ducks, and horses. I remember sitting inside the town hall and listening to the carolers by the glow of candle light and looking at the huge Christmas tree and soaking in the feeling of it. I remember feeling that it should last forever.

I remember feeling loved and I remember loving Christmas.

And you know what? I still do!

Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!


Nancy said...

What wonderful Christmas memories!

tammy said...

Great memories! I love everything about Christmas.

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