Saturday, December 18, 2010

Blog to Read

Have you heard of Teachinfourth? If not, then you should definitely check out his blog. It's awesome!

He's a fifth grade teacher, a blogger and a photographer.

There is a also certain boy in his class named Joey who has quite a sense of humor. Teachinfourth blogs about his adventures in "Moments with Joey".

Also, be sure to check out the wonderful photos he took during his most recent trip to NYC. I gotta say, I'm kind of jealous, but I'll definitely be keeping these tourist ideas in mind when I visit NYC!

P.S. If you hurry, he's sending out Christmas cards and you can pick a photo of his that you like for him to send to you...


Meri said...

Cool site you have here! Also, I work with kids too and appreciated that link to Teachinfourth.
I'll be sure to follow!

Nancy said...

I haven't read the recent posts about Joey but from the previous ones all I can say is ya gotta love Joey!

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