Monday, December 20, 2010

My Toadstool

I guess this isn't very Christmas-y, but sort of in the fact that it has to do with toys...

Last week an email came into my inbox with this title: "Consumer Group Sues McDonald's Over Happy Meal Toys"

The title lured me in- which is what they pay people big bucks to do...

Anyway, it worked and I started reading.

Here's the low-down:

A consumer group is suing McDonald's to try and stop them from advertising toys with Happy Meals.

But, here's the interesting part...a 41 year old mother says, "Happy meals are among those things frequently requested, and the first thing they ask me to do is open the toy," Parham said in a press conference today. "I'm really concerned about the health of my children, and I don't think its OK to entice children to get Happy Meals with a toy,"

Well, Parham, if you're really concerned about the health of your children stop taking them to McDonald's!! You're the parent, so step up and be one. I'm pretty sure your kids are too young to drive which means they don't have a car, so if you don't want them to have the food, stop driving them to get it and stop giving them money to buy the food on their own.

The article goes on, "But the real concern for the group, and for parents, CSPI says, is that McDonald's advertising makes kids beg their parents to buy food that's high in calories, sugar, fat and salt, which contributes to obesity."

Stop buying the meals for them, parents, then they won't have access to the toys or the meals which are so high in calories, sugar, fat and salt! Nobody is holding a gun to your head forcing you to buy them for your kids.

I didn't get everything I "begged" for when I was a kid. And granted, I'm not a parent and it might be very hard for you to listen to your children whine about wanting a toy with their happy meal, but seriously?! If you don't want your kids to eat there then don't take them and turn off the TV so they don't see the ads for the toys. It's good for you to tell your kids "no" once in a while. They are not going to die if they don't get that toy, despite what they might say.

Here's an idea: fix meals for your children at home and eat together as a family. Make fast food a rare "treat" rather than an every day occurrence. Read to your children instead of plopping them in front of the TV all night. If children never go to McDonald's they won't know what they're missing. Ignorance is bliss.

And while you're at it, quit blaming McDonald's for something that you need to take responsibility for as a parent.

Any thoughts?


Noelle said...

I so agree with you on all of this. I get so annoyed with people who can't take accountability for their choices.

On a lighter note...I hope you have a great few days before Christmas!!!

Nancy said...

You're going to be a great parent! You're right on the button with your thoughts. What children don't know about they can't ask to have.

Teachinfourth said...

I couldn't agree more with this! There are so many parents doing a great job, but there are others that I just wish would start being the parent…

I should sue Texas Roadhouse for having such fattening, delicious rolls…I can't control myself; it must be their fault.

Natasha and Jesse said...

Thanks, Noelle! Same to you!!

Teachinfourth- You're on to something, Texas Roadhouse should be sued for their rolls!

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