Thursday, December 23, 2010

Links to Love- December

I decided to post the links early this month since some of them are related to Christmas.



A book Christmas tree

Hanging chair pendant

Modern paper ornament for your Christmas tree

DIY Advent calendars

Printable owl gift wrap. Too cute!

Let it dough, let it dough. A sneak peek:

Beautiful (free!) downloadable gift tags. Too fun.

Dress boys.
I had never heard of these before, but a great idea.

The Whole Story

Singing his own songs,
at last: Bruno Mars

TV Worth Watching


2010 Darwin Awards

Pine cone fire starters

Santa sightings!

Let's go ride a bike

Basketball playing nuns

White ghosts (deer) of the forest (embeding is disabled)

Running away:

Smart (and very well trained) dog!

Light up the world

Hilarious animal voice-overs

No Christmas tree? Try this

Genius staircase


Mormon life:

The word that Elizabeth Smart wanted to hear.

Provo Tabernacle fire
but picture of Christ was saved.

I love technology:

Need help finding your lost/misplaced phone? Try this!

Interesting Google Street View images.

2010 in review:

Can you escape technology?

Neil Pasricha on TEDxToronto- The creator of 1000 Awesome Things: it or hate it? 100 people I hate on facebook

10 most watched youtube videos of 2010:

(Watch all 10 videos here)


The Day John Lennon Died

What made you happy today? A scrapbook of people and what makes them happy.

Best books of 2010

Saying Images


Peanut butter and jelly cookies

Mashed potato puffs.

Cookie + cupcake

Cranberry pie.
You'll be surprised, it's very tasty!

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