Saturday, June 5, 2010

non-clothes hog?

Believe me, I understand the whole modesty thing.

I really do.

But I think life would be so much easier without clothes.

Think about it for a minute....

If you didn't need to wear clothes, you wouldn't have to wash them so there would be no washing machines, which cost a lot and there would be no water used to fill up the machine (and paid for).

Then there is the whole ordeal of buying clothes (or making them) and trying them on to make sure they fit.

You wouldn't have to spend money on laundry detergent, stain removers, bleach, fabric softener, etc.

You wouldn't need a dryer, which costs a lot too. You wouldn't be using, and paying for, the electricity to dry the clothes (that is unless you hang them outside anyway).

There would be nothing to fold, so you wouldn't have to waste spend time doing that.

You would not need to buy hangers. There would be no need for closets or dressers or irons or ironing boards or sorting of clothes into colors vs. whites...think of how much time and money you could save by not doing all these things!

I could go on, but I think you get the point and it's a pretty good one, is it not?

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Amy said...

I've often shared these same thoughts especially when doing multiple loads of laundry when I feel like doing something fun. However, the thought of cold Nebraska winters come to mind, so this idea would never work for me. I'd have to live in Florida and think how overpopulated that state would become! LOL

Teachinfourth said...

If my body was ripped, I'd probably be more inclined to agree with you. My dad had something else he'd say about the 'clothes' thing. That is, if we all ate our meals naked in front of a mirror, we'd probably eat a lot less…

Missie said...

But I'd never be able to leave my house!

Natasha said...

Amy- Ha, you're right. Nebraska winters wouldn't be very conducive to not wearing clothes!

Teachinfourth- I agree. Eating naked in front of a mirror would definitely cause me to eat less.

Missie- ha, yeah me too sadly. I guess I can dream. Clothes are a hassle, but it won't stop me from wearing them!

Nancy said...

Well, my first thought was how cold I'd be in the winter. Then, on the other hand, the fewer clothes you have, the less wash you have to do. Who needs a dozen pair of pants when there are only 7 days in a week, etc.?

Teachinfourth, your dad is so absolutely right about the mirror thing. It gave me a laugh to read it!

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