Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Birthday!

It seemed like just yesterday that my sister was small, but the years have flown by and now she is a young woman.

Today is her birthday!

I love you, my dear sweet sister and I hope you have a wonderfully happy birthday!

In this photo, my cousin is sitting on the left and my sister, who is about five, is the little one on the right. I love my sister's expression and how she is "playing" for the camera. She always had such a sense of humor when it came to cameras. Also, it was always a special treat to have our cousin visit since we lived several hours from where she lived. If I recall correctly, during this visit she was visiting with a friend from college.

I also love the memories that come flooding back as I look at this photo of the house I grew up in.

The house was wonderful although, looking back, it was small. It had a big L-shaped porch, a beautiful big picture window in the front, a red front door and another door to the right of it which had one of those old time doorbells that you twisted. The house was an old farmhouse and was one of the original houses in the area.

The house also had a front porch swing. During summer thunder storms, my family and I would sit on the swing and watch as thunder, lightning, and rain boomed around us. It was magical. Of course, we would sit out there other times as well, but the rainy times are some of the most memorable.

Such great memories of a wonderful time in my life. Happy Birthday, B.!

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Nancy said...

What wonderful memories of a previous home. What a great photo of your sister and cousin. And I love the image of the swing on the porch during a thunderstorm. Happy Birthday to your sister!

DougVernX said...

I love those old porch swings. Happy Birthday B! Thanks for visiting my blog.

Poetry24 said...

The first thing that struck me about this post, was the likeness between you and your cousin. The second thing was the affection you still have for the place where you lived. Lovely.

Unknown said...

I agree with Martin about the likeness between you & your cousin. & the photo itself is delightful, with your sister "mugging" for the camera. Happy birthday to her!

Becky said...

Awesome! That sounds like a wonderful home. Happy Birfday B.

Nana Jo said...

Lovely photo. Happy Birthday to your sister. I love the description of your childhood home. I've always wanted a porch and a red front door!

Unknown said...

I loved sitting out on our porch when it rained too---left to my own devices tho I would rush out into the rain; it was odd, but I always was attracted to those big rain storms and had to be prevented from running out to "better see" the lightning and thunder. Your description of the porch made me think of that too. Nice photo of cousin and sister.

Natasha and Jesse said...

Nancy- Thanks for visiting my blog! The home was wonderful. ;)

Crazyasa- It's true, porch swings are wonderful especially now that they are becoming rarer.

Martin H.- I never realized that before, but there are similarities between my cousin and I. Thanks for visiting!

John H.- Thanks, my sister was quite the character when she was younger!

Becky- Thanks for your comment. I'll pass your birthday wishes on to her.

Nana Jo- It was fun to have a red door. Thanks for your comment.

Pat- Thanks for visiting. Dancing in the rain sounds fun!

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