Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sick babies

My babies have been sick the past few weeks.  They both had colds for a while and then their runny noses seemed to clear up but they still have the cough now.  Night time is especially bad since Mali will wake up coughing, then start crying and Olivia will hear him and she'll start coughing and crying.  I had asked the pediatrician if there is anything to give infants for coughing and they said there wasn't, but suggested I use honey for Mali.  I tried it with him and he would only take maybe a 1/4 tsp- which didn't help at all.  I read online that fresh pineapple juice can help with coughs.  We bought some and on the nights when he drank some before bed, it seemed to help.  I thought the coughing might have something to do with allergies/change in the weather, but the pediatrician said infants/young children don't get I guess that's not it!

I am visiting my parents this week and thankfully my mom is willing to rock Olivia if she wakes up during the night so I can get a little rest.  Olivia doesn't sleep very well laying flat on her back in the crib, so I put some quilts under the mattress to try and tilt it up and it seems to be helping a little bit.  She still wakes up struggling to breath though.  Mali has little bags under his eyes he is so tired.

I wish I could do something to help them!  I feel so bad when they get sick.

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