Friday, May 4, 2012

Update- 30 weeks + Question

I'm 30 weeks pregnant! (31 weeks tomorrow!)

I can't believe our little baby will be here in about 10 weeks. That's crazy to think about- I know the time will just fly by.

Yesterday night as we were falling asleep, my belly was up against Jesse's back and Jesse said to me: "I can feel the baby kicking pretty hard! Every time I try to go to sleep he kicks. How are you getting any sleep?" Yes, he kept me up too. Night time is party time for baby Dahl! It's okay. He's definitely worth losing sleep over.

I had a doctor's appt today and I'm measuring right on schedule. Yay!
We joke that he will end up being an 11 pound baby! Haha, I sure hope not. But I am praying that he will have chubby cheeks.

For the past few weeks, I've had this really itchy rash/kind of little pustules (I don't like that word!) on my hands, feet, and on my belly. I mentioned it to the doctor at my last appointment (two weeks ago) and she thought it was hand and mouth disease. They did some blood work but everything came back fine.
Originally, Jesse and I thought it was poison ivy, which makes sense because we had been in a place where there was poison ivy, but it wasn't going away. Then we thought it was hives from a detergent or soap, but neither of the brands have been changed recently. Anyway, I still have it and maybe we'll never know what it I've just been using calamine lotion in the mean time to stop the itchiness for a little bit. Some relief is better than none.

I want to post a picture, but right now my camera is MIA. I'll try to take one tonight with Jesse's camera and then post it soon.

In other news, my sister wants to throw us a baby shower! That is so kind of her! Jesse and I originally weren't planning on registering anywhere- we were just going to buy things ourselves little by little when we got paid. Not that I expect people to bring things to the baby shower, but now we at least have the opportunity to register at a store for things we might not otherwise have gotten.

Which brings me to my question-

If you have children, what are some things that you or your baby loved using or you felt like you couldn't have lived without when they were little?

We're not planning on buying lots of things because I know there is a chance our son might not like it and we (or other people) would have wasted the money...but a general idea of what you liked would be awesome.

(My visiting teaching companion suggested that we borrow as many things as we can to try them out first and see if our baby likes them before we buy it ourselves, which I think is very good advice).

If you feel like answering the question I would love to hear your responses!


Laura said...

With Grace I couldn't have lived without a swing that rocked both side to side and back and forth. It was awesome!

Oh and my cousin gets this rash that comes on with pregnancy. It is intolerable for her. Nothing can be done about it till baby comes. Hope you get better soon from that.

Claudia's Genealogy Blog said...

I have to agree with the swing, it was a mind saver when she would cry for no apparent reason.

Check thrift store and Craigs list. You usually can find baby clothes there. Have people save baby related store coupons.

Becky said...

Well, you absolutely need a car seat. You absolutely need a stroller.

I recommend, instead of getting a car seat stroller combo, get a baby carrier car seat and try to find a second hand Jeep stroller. We got a carrier/stroller combo and hardly ever used the stroller because we got a second hand Jeep stroller and the carrier fit in it. The Jeep stroller could go anywhere and do anything. A leisure walk, a brisk walk, a jog, a run, and most importantly trails/hiking.

I agree about a swing. Ours is a hand me down. It's ugly and not very fancy but it swings. And like your friend mentioned above, swings are nice to have when baby is crying for no apparent reason. In our babies this no apparent cry happens from 5pm to 7pm -ish. Right while I'm trying to make dinner and eat dinner. Right when I and the rest of the family are tired and hungry. Swings are so nice to have.

If you can't find a swing, a bouncy seat is the next best thing (we have both, I recommend both if you can). Most, if not all of them vibrate and baby likes that. Make sure you get one that at least vibrates. Some are fancier and they swivel or sorta swing. Those sound nice...but I wouldn't know.

You could register for D and C batteries. Most baby swings take D batteries (ours takes 4!) Some bouncy seats take two C batteries and some take 1 D battery.

If you are going to breast feed you absolutely need, what we call, booby cream. Lansinoh Lanolin. It's in a purple tube. 1.41 oz is 10 bucks! One tube could last you a year. Or you may not even use a whole tube in a year. But you could register for it!

I have more to probably shouldn't have asked me. I might just email you helpful out!

Anonymous said...

Hit up garage sales - my mom has gotten us TONS of baby stuff for amazing prices! She got us at $50 Boppy pillow for $1, and a $400 stroller/carseat set for $80.

Good luck!

Cecily said...

We borrowed a swing and it was only used when my little girl was up all night screaming with colic and I didn't want to hold her anymore. She pretty much hated the swing after the colic passed.

The bouncy seat was my saving grace. She lived in it when she was a newborn and still likes to sit in it two years later.

Another thing is swaddling blankets. Because my girlie was super fussy for a super long time I swaddled her till she was almost 6 months old. You need BIG blankets to swaddle a baby older than a month old. I've got aden + anais, but you can also make them. They are lightweight - great for a summer baby.

Good luck!

Rachel said...

With both my girls, the swing was a necessity. That and a comfy rocking chair or glider for you are the most important baby things. Everything else I could find a happy work around without it, but not a swing and a glider.

Your rash sounds sort of like PUPPP. Did your obstetrician rule that out?

Natasha and Jesse said...

Thanks for your suggestions, everyone!

Rachel- My OB didn't mention it being PUPPP at all and I figured that she had probably seen enough cases of it to know what it looked like so I didn't mention that because I'd never seen it in real life.

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