Sunday, April 13, 2014


This one was taken on January 11, 2013 (the day after Olivia was born).  Mali loves playing with the little hammer he has in his hand.  I love how inventive he is with toys.  I love his profile too- His sweet cheeks and his little chin and hands.
January 12, 2013- Mali is 19 months!  My mom said Mali wasn't very cooperative with picture taking, so this was one of the better ones.

His unhappiness with the picture taking!  He really wants the camera.

On his way to visit us in the hospital the Sunday after Olivia was born.

 I love this photo!!  He is so happy!

His messy hair.
"Nap time for Mali cat, nap time for him!"
Our sleepy pooks.  He loves that down comforter.

Mali at 19 months old.  He has very good hand eye coordination- he loves playing with little toys.  He has a Thomas the train set that he loves playing with as well as blocks and tools such as a hammer, screwdriver, wrench, etc.  He likes to copy whatever Jesse is doing!
He also has a long attention span- if there is something he likes playing with he will play with it for up to an hour or more.
He doesn't have many words yet, but he does say:
::  da da and dad (for Jesse)
::  hi (every time somebody walks into a room.  His face lights up and big "hi!" comes out!)
::  dip dip- he loves to dip his food into "dips" such as milk, yogurt, ketchup, french onion dip, etc.
::  nah nah nah (which is his word for more)
::  baby (referring to Olivia)
::  lub (love)
::  Pop pop (our cat, Popeye)
::  Hannah (my parent's dog)
::  He doesn't say mom or ma ma (he used to until I weaned him). :(

I love our sweet Pooks and I'm so grateful to be his mother.

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