Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Photo update!

I'm at my parent's house for a few days now and thought I'd take advantage of the internet and try to get some photos updated.  I'll be going back several months starting around September, October...(My gosh, Mali was 15 months old then...where does the time go?)   
(September 2013- Mali was 15 months old).  We were home visiting my parents and my dad was holding Mali.  I love how relaxed he looks in this photo.

Our sweet Pooks!

Mali with my parent's dog, Hannah, standing at their front door.  They were both interested in something outside.  I love their profiles and especially Mali in his little overalls.
So serious...
Oh, my heart!  Our little baby- he does look little in this photo and so very tired.
November 2013- Mali loved playing with these little toys that my mom had: little dice and game markers- little wooden cars and people.  He mostly liked putting them into and taking them out of different sized prescription bottles.  He spent a good 30 to 45 minutes playing with them while we were visiting.   

I love his concentration mouth and his hands with his little pinkie finger sticking out.  So cute.
November 2013- When we were visiting my parents over Thanksgiving we went to IKEA and for those who have been to IKEA you know it's a big store!  About halfway through, Mali got very tired and since I hadn't brought the stroller we had to lay him in the cart to nap.  Thankfully I had the blanket for him to soften the seat. 
I love his bottom lip sticking out.
My mom and sister put the stuffed bear behind him as a "pillow".
My sweet sleeping baby. :)  We just let him sleep because, in our house, the phrase is:  "Never wake a sleeping baby!"
November 2013- Oh,  my large-ness!  I was pregnant with Olivia....
and I was rounder than round with another five, actually six, weeks to go (since she was a week late)!!
Jesse attempting to have a belly!  It wasn't quite working!

More updates/photos to come...!

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