Thursday, March 17, 2011


It seems like the way I have been going, I'm posting about once a week or so...which isn't too bad I guess, but it's less often than I used to post. C'est la vie.

Spring is on its way- I can see the daffodils peeking their green heads out of the ground and the red breasted robins listening for worms. Sure signs that spring is almost here!

I've been obsessed lately with gardening. I ordered seed catalogues in the mail and been pouring over the beautiful pictures, longing for a space to have a full-size garden of my own (and a gnome to go with it).

Growing up we had a garden and the anticipation of spring and rototilling the ground brought secret delight to my teenage heart. Though I was often less than enthusiastic about helping, I loved the results the garden produced: red juicy tomatoes, sweet beets, delicious corn, and potatoes freshly dug up with dirt still attached.

Often our dinners would consist simply of fresh corn on the cob, potatoes, beets, and tomatoes. Each wonderful in their own way, the flavors merging together in a harmony of delight on my taste buds.

Now despite the fact that my sister and I are both gone from home, my dad still grows a garden. I benefit from the fruits when I visit, but it's not the same- I don't have the chance to help anymore. I hope time has wizened me and I would be more willing to help than in years past.

I live in an apartment now and the only way for me to garden is through containers. But I think I'll be heading to the store this weekend for a look at the plants...I need something to grow.

Do you garden? What do you plan on planting this year?


Brenna said...

I would like to grow a garden, or help with one. Maybe this is the year!

Ashley McLemore (Dickinson) said...

I grew up with the same experience. We had a huge garden with all sorts of vegetables. I think it really helped me learn to love eating them as much as the lessons in growing and contributing.

I've been kind of thinking about making a garden, and especially with all the snow this season I've been itching to have some outside time. I just don't know that I'll have the time to devote. But you can come build and grow one in our backyard if you want ;)

Noelle said...

I don't have time to garden as I'm too busy selling everyone else in the world the supplies to do their own gardens.

That's got to count for something right?

Teachinfourth said...

I don't garden, myself...but if I did I'd probably grow stuff I like.

Natasha in Oz said...

I hope you enjoy the beauty and warmth that Springtime brings! It is Autumn here and the leaves are starting to fall off the trees and the days are getting shorter. Isn't the world an amazing place!

Best wishes,

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