Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hope for tomorrow

You try to untangle one part of your life only to find another knot somewhere else.

They say challenges make you stronger.

They say everything happens for a reason
and that God never gives you more than you can handle.

They say the best is yet to be.

Today, I can't help but hope with all of my heart that they are right.



Kathleen said...

Me too!

Nancy said...

They say it, we say it, and He says it! If He says it, it's true. Hope and faith! Love you.

Brenna said...

I echo what Nancy said. I recently re-heard this quote by Elder Holland, and really liked it:

"In that imaginary instant, I couldn’t help calling out to him: “Don’t you quit. You keep walking. You keep trying. There is help and happiness ahead.” Some blessings come soon, some come late, and some don’t come until heaven. But for those who embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ, they come. It will be all right in the end. Trust God and believe in good things to come."

The gospel's true and I love you Tasha Lou!

christine donee said...

I love that Banksy piece!


Teachinfourth said...

Here's to better days ahead...

Michelle said...

That Elder Holland talk is one of my favorites...all the more so when I'm holding onto hope with white knuckles.

Hang in there. Don't you quit.

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I'm sorry for the hard things you are experiencing.

Natasha and Jesse said...

Thanks everybody. I appreciate your thoughts.

Michelle Glauser said...

I'm glad you can't help but hope. Lately I can't help but give up hoping. It takes so much out of me when it never pays off. Good for you.

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