Monday, September 27, 2010

My Weekend...Part 2

When I pulled up to Thoroughbred Park and got out of my car I saw this:

and this:
And then....have you seen this great youtube video? Well, I had my own personal version of it, because next I saw him...

and her...
(and one other man who I failed to get a up-close picture of...)

And since they were giving out free hugs- I got three free hugs on Saturday!

And here I am, happy from the hugs, but a little bit windblown.

Thoroughbred Park is a small beautiful park downtown. It is dedicated to those who made their mark in the thoroughbred industry.

At the front of the park is a round garden of red roses.

Turn to the right and there are magnificent life-sized bronze sculptures of horses crossing a finish line with a waterfall backdrop.

Behind the fountain of water is a hill that is landscaped with trees and sown with bluegrass which is native to this area.

Some fun painted horses in Thoroughbred Park:

"The Strand Theater"

(Sorry about the glare)

Opposite side of the same horse

After I left the park, I drove on down the road and saw a Farmer's Market- which I was actually too late for (next week's adventure!), but I took pictures of some more fun horses!

My 'Free Hugs' friends further down the street.
"Keeneland Experience"

"Silver Rose"

See this smoke rising up in the picture, here? Yeah, that's the BBQ scent you missed out on...

"Starry Night" Er, Starry Horse? The picture was taken from my car window as I drove by, thus the poor quality. But it was too cool of a horse to pass up.

Some music graffiti on a wall.

And some good ol' Louisiana cookin'

What a great Saturday!!


Holly Kravetz said...

Is furlongs good?

Natasha said...

Holly- I didn't stop to eat there, but it sure smelled good!

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