Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Weekend...Part 1

"Musical Horse"

I set out to explore the city yesterday and gosh darn it, I enjoyed myself.

It was first day of the WEG (World Equestrian Games) and downtown was sure hopping.

In celebration of the games there are hand painted horses all over town, which are quite fun. I had seen a few here and there, but never realized how many there really are until I started taking pictures of them. I wonder (and should have asked) how much time it took the people, schools, etc to paint the horses. It must have been a while considering how detailed some of them are.


My first stop was the downtown public library. They boast a five story atrium with the world's largest ceiling clock and pendulum. Pretty cool!

The children's section of the library has a cool cottage/nature scene on one wall.

Close-up of the cute bear....

And close-up of the not so cute, but well painted opossum...

On the second floor of the library there is a mural painted around the wall of horses and jockeys:

Various painted horses inside the library.

Detailed eye of the horse...

Horse head...

"Lanky Doodle"

"City Horse"

After exploring the library and browsing the shelves for over an hour, I checked out (I ended up with 5 books, 2 DVDs and a 2-CD collection of Harry Chapin music) and was on my merry way.

Next stop: Thoroughbred Park

Along with my free hugs!! So stay tuned...

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Nancy said...

The painted horses are amazing. Do they use the same ones every year? If so, I wonder where they store them. If not, I wonder what they do with the horses when the display is over. This was a great post with great photos! Thanks.

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