Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Visit...part 2

La Vie En Rose

I had only been to the Arboretum once before but never all the way through it.

On Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, my sister and I went together and walked the paths.

As we were walking, we came upon this beautiful rose garden.

There were roses of all varieties, colors, and sizes. Some more fragrant than others, but all beautiful! I never realized how many types of roses there are in the world.

They say a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but I don't believe it.

The roses smelled absolutely heavenly.

Oranges 'N' Lemons. This rose smelled very true to its name...

Aren't they beautiful?!
I love the way the middle of this rose is still tightly closed but the outer petals are wide open.

Insects doing their job...

Beautiful arbors...imagine these filled with roses!

I love this red color.

A very true part of roses.

Beautiful purple roses.

Lilac colored rose.

We loved this great stone fence.

We found Nessie! Here is her head...

and here's the rest of her body...she was very friendly, although a little sleepy.

As we were walking along, we decided to venture off the path onto a little wooden trail. As I took my first step onto the wood path, I noticed this little brown thing on the ground. I was so close that I almost stepped on it, but then I backed up a step and noticed it was a little animal. At first we thought he was dead because he wasn't moving.

But, upon closer inspection (and after we wondered out loud whether he was dead or not) he moved onto the pathway and then plopped down into the high grass! I don't think he could see us very well which is why he hadn't moved before. Thankfully I didn't step on him. He was so cute!
We thought at first that he was a mole, but after turning to Google, we found out he was actually a vole.

We had a great two days at the Arboretum!

Copyright © 2010 by Natasha M.


Nancy said...

These are great photographs. Lovely roses. I especially like the photo of the arch and I can imagine it filled with climbing roses. Imagine how lovely to be under the arch when it's full of roses in bloom. Imagine the fragrance!

Simplegirl said...

Gorgeous roses! New follower!

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