Saturday, July 24, 2010

Links to Love

Hi, Friends! Any fun plans for the weekend?

Here are my five favorite blogs this week:

Nat the Fat Rat: I really like Natalie's writing style. And she and "holbsmover" are moving back to NYC!

Kind Over Matter: A blog based on kindness. How lovely!

Passports and Postcards: Travel, art, fashion, food.

aura-joon: Beautiful photos!

Where the Lovely Things Are: Art, photographs, jewelry.

Fun finds from around the web:


3.14 -----> pie

Baked eggs in bread bowls.

Wonderful idea for pudding cups.

Recipe: How to bake a dog.

Baskin-Robbins is changing flavors. Get them before they are gone!

Perfect pancakes and strawberry butter.

How to make yogurt in your crock-pot.


Amazing castles from around the world.

Typewriter Symphony.

10 ways to new music on-line.

Adorable, adorable birds.

Pothole gardening. What a great urban idea.

A celebration of all things paper.

Early 1900's in color.

Great forced perspective photography.

Minimum wage machine.

TV museum.


Are you this cute when you are falling asleep?

Have you seen the new Dyson fan? It was made to prevent buffeting. $300 worth of fan? I think not.

All the best for your family.

Great lessons from Abraham Lincoln.

Anti-theft lunch bags. Genius!

New uses for your microwave.

Birthday random acts of kindness! I love this idea.

Lovely printable quote cards.

90 days of kindness challenge. You in?

Popcorn kittens!

Mormon living:

Feast Upon the Word.

Mormon Matters.

What do Mormons believe?

Even though I've posted about this before, Segullah is definitely a blog to discover.

Have you seen the new My profile is there too!

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