Saturday, July 17, 2010

Links to Love

Here are five new blogs I came across this week:

100 Days in Bed: I'm not really sure how to describe this blog. It includes a woman's journey from depression to change. A must read.

Adorable Optimism: This blog includes fashion, food, and great photos.

Embracing Change: One woman's journey to a healthier lifestyle.

A Rowan Tree: A beautiful blog by a textile design student.

This one is not new, but I love it and think you should check it out!

My Ancestors and Me: A blog with wonderful stories (and photographs) about this woman's ancestors.
Wonderful finds from across the WWW:


Amazing things made out of wood.

I would love to live on this awesome Seattle houseboat. It is exactly what houseboats should look like.

A tree dressed in lace? Boy, howdy, what a cool idea. Like graffiti, but with yarn.

Do you write in your journal? Some wonderful ideas to help you start, or keep on, writing.

Paper bride and groom

Which famous author do you write like?


I will be needing to make these garlic rolls soon.

Waffles are wonderful things. Especially when they look like popsicles.

Create your own chocolate bar.

I've been in a lemon mood lately. (Not sour, just craving lemon). I think I will make these.

Free things:

Free Compliments

Free Hugs:

Misc. things:

If I were a man, I would totally change my "voice-male" to this.

Do you ever leave or see notes like this?

A mama otter teaching her pup how to swim at my home zoo:

A blog devoted to the art of bicycle riding. Includes beautiful pictures.

Does your apartment need a little therapy in the decoration department? Well, look no further.

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Nancy said...

Thank you for mentioning my blog and for sharing all the other wonderful ones, too. You are such a finder of interesting things!

Teachinfourth said...

I checked out a couple of the links. BRILLIANT!

I just might have to change up the message on my phone now.

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