Monday, July 5, 2010

How dating is like communism

I've never talked about dating on my blog before, but here goes.

In the past week (no, make that in the past four days) I have had:

-One co-worker (female) try to set me up on a date (she asked multiple people if they knew single guys).
-One male offer to set me up on a date(s).


-Two guys (who I recently became friends with) asked if I was dating anyone or if I was interested in anyone. Both of them pretty much used the exact same phrasing while asking it too.

So, if you counted, that's 4 people that have asked me about dating in the past four days. Which also means that it is 4 people too many.

I've decided that I have must have a sign on my forehead that reads: "Ask me about my dating life!" OR "Set me up on a date!" I hope I don't look desperate. I know people mean well and I guess I shouldn't be complaining.

I've also decided that dating is like communism: "it's a good idea, but the practical application sucks."

And there you have my dating life in a nutshell.

Copyright © 2010 by Natasha M.

1 comment:

Becky said...

So true. Dating sucks! In this day and age it is the most ridiculous thing....and yet kind of necessary. It's frustrating.

I especially like how you think dating is like communism...I was skeptical but, you're right it is.

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