Thursday, February 2, 2012

What's in a name

I'm sorry most of the posts on here are now about our baby/babies. But that's a lot of what I think about now.

Jesse and I have had discussions recently about baby names.

I will give you a little background in case you don't know:

Our last name is Dahl, and it's pronounced basically like "doll" as in "the baby...."

Another fact is that Jesse is a horticulturist which means that he works with plants for a living. (And he loves it!)

So, that's the little background info.

Like I said, we have been discussing baby names.

These are some of the names I suggested:

-Kenneth and Barbara- (We are just having one baby, but this was my suggestion before we knew it was just one in case we were having twins). Their nicknames would be Ken and Barbie.
-I also suggested Ann and Andy for boy/girl twins.
-And I thought our youngest child could be named Baby.

I also suggested
-Summer Flower
-Rose (which is my middle name too)
-Niblet (cute ear of corn)

Jesse said he wasn't so sure if I could have naming privileges anymore.

But then! Jesse suggested that we name all our children with the first name of "The" and for middle names use
Paper, etc

I tell you...our poor children.

Oh, you want to hear my sister's nickname for the baby? Baby Dot. Isn't it cute?


Wowee. Pregnancy does some funny things to my emotions. I think it's those hormonoees.

A little while ago I ordered some items from LDS distribution. The order form said they would arrive in 5-10 business days. Monday was the 10th business day, so yesterday I decided to call and see what happened since we still hadn't received the items.

As I spoke to the nice lady on the phone she said she would check and see what happened to them since they left the warehouse last week.
She came back on the phone and cheerfully told me: "well the box arrived today" (meaning yesterday).
I politely informed her, as I was opening the door to double check, that it had not arrived. "Well, I'm sorry. Is there anything else I can help you with?" she so nicely asked. "Nope," I replied "just waiting for our items to still get here." "Have a great day" she said. When I got off the phone I told Jesse what happened since it was so funny to me. I then proceeded to chuckle about it for a good bit. When my sister got home from work I told her the items had arrived. "Where's the box?" she asked. "Umm, not here yet."

Later as we were falling asleep, I brought it up to Jesse again and started giggling so hard about the whole thing. In fact, every time I thought about it I started laughing again. The lady was so matter of fact that the box had arrived!
Jesse looked at me like I was off the deep end and said "I think those pregnancy hormones are making you crazy."

Oh, man...


Mrs. K said...

So wait.. are you having twins?

Laura said...

I'm confused too. Are there two little dolls in there!

Natasha and Jesse said...

haha sorry guys...there is just one baby. I suggested the twin names before we knew if it was more than one baby. I should have clarified better. :)

Nancy said...

It can't be the "hormonoees" because I don't have any left and I think it's hilarious. I'm going to bed laughing tonight.

I've been thinking of names for Baby Dot, too, but you know Baby Dot is going to stick and she's going to be Dottie, don't you? (Unless it's a boy and then he can't be Dot. Let's see, he could be Baby ... oh, I don't know. Maybe your sister will think of what to call him if he's a boy.

Natasha and Jesse said...

Nancy- Maybe the baby could be nicknamed Dotson if it's a boy...

Stephanie said...

I knew some people who names their baby Dottie, and it's so cute! : )

I like your name list. I especially like the first name "The". : )

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