Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Have you heard of Downton Abbey?

Jesse started watching it at the end of Season 1 and now I'm hooked too! I really love British shows and this one is super (though slightly soap-opera-esque). There are some characters that I really like (Bates and Anna) and others that I can't stand (O'Brien and Thomas), but I love the time era and that it's British!

I can hardly wait for Sunday's season finale.

Will you be watching it?


Laura said...

Watching this led me to watching more. They have older masterpiece theater shows on netflix if you have it. I have watched North and South (the actor who plays Bates is on it), as well as Wuthering Heights. I am now in love with Masterpiece theater and I have never been a fan of those Jane Austin time periods.

Becky said...

yup. totally hooked. i'm sad for the finale then we gotta wait how long for it to come back? i don't know!

susette said...

so in love with downton abbey!!! and i'm in agreement with laura about north and south. fantastic. i fell in love with that one last year before i discovered downton. :: sigh :: i wish the seasons were longer, but you can already get both seasons on dvd so that can hold us over until season 3 starts next january! right???

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