Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Boy or girl?

Jesse and I are going to the anatomy ultrasound tomorrow (Thursday) for the baby, and if he/she cooperates we can find out the gender too!!

At first I wanted to keep the gender a surprise and not find out until the baby was born, but now I've decided I really want to know- Jesse wanted to know all along. My mom is planning on making the blessing outfit and it would be easier so she has enough time to make it as well. We'll also be able to prepare better ourselves! Not that we'll get all blue clothes if the baby is a boy or all pink if a girl, but maybe a little bit more gender specific clothes.

I'm super excited though! I have a feeling the baby is a boy! And Jesse also thinks boy! My sister and mom aren't sure, but my sister sometimes says the baby will be a man-child, (and she says it like that because I dislike that word!) But all my friends/relatives that are having babies are all having girls! :)

I put a little poll up on the sidebar (at the very top) so you can guess, too! ---------->

Here are some pregnancy symptoms that might help you:

1. I had lots of morning sickness up until about 16 weeks.

2. At the last appointment the baby's heartbeat was around 160.

3. I've felt the baby kick starting a day before 19 weeks.

4. I've only had a little heartburn, but it's not constant and not severe at all.

5. I can still fit into my regular pants but I can't button or zip them up- I have to use the belly band and most of my shirts are too short now.

6. I haven't really craved any food, but I do drink lots of milk and eat lots of cheese.

7. I tend to be more on the cool side, temperature wise.

8. I don't know if I'm carrying low or high. I guess I'd say more in the middle?

Regardless of whether the baby is a boy or girl, we're super excited to welcome this new little one into our lives and we really just hope he/she is healthy!

OK, guess away...!


Laura said...

I say boy, but I am the worst guesser. I thought all my babies were the opposite of what they were. I am glad you are finding out. Seems the trend these days is not to, but I fell in love more with my babies because I knew what they would be before they came to me and that bond was strong for me. I am not sure if it would have made the bond less strong or not, but I think my naming and calling my kids by their names before they were born certainly couldn't have hurt.

Unknown said...

I want it to be a girl because I have stuff for you. Its your first so you might not want hand me downs but its what I do and who I am.....I was in love with the pink/brown combo when Hannah was born. Good luck and take tissues to the ultrasound. It is really crazy neat. I cried every time I had one done even when it was in emergency labor!


Nancy said...

Now Natasha, if you guys don't want to know what gender the baby is, don't find out just because I'll be sewing a blessing outfit. I will have 3 weeks to sew one IF the baby is born on July 6 and is blessed the first Sunday in August. No pressure from me to know which it is. (Of course, "Baby Dot" may not want to tell you tomorrow anyway!)

Tiffany Kadani said...

I'm so excited for you! I voted boy!

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