Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday Thought(s)

1. At FHE on Monday one of my roommates informed me that the microwave in our apartment sparked when it was turned on and therefore no longer worked.

Thinking somebody put a piece of foil in it, I investigated when I got home but didn't see anything.

Since I didn't get a chance decided not to try it for myself, I texted one of my friends on Tuesday and asked her to turn it on and see what happened.

She texted back: "I just tried it and sparks start flying! It is super scary! SCARY SCARY FRIGHTENING!"

I was scared (would you blame me?) to turn it on when I got home from work, so when she got home I asked her to try it again so I could see.

Indeed, our microwave gave us a pyrotechnics show last night.
It was amazing!
Booming sound effects were included free of charge.
And yes, it was scary! Poor, poor microwave!

2. I went to a DO for my shoulder/shoulder blade pain last Thursday and she recommended physical therapy, so I start with PT on March 2nd.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it goes well
and helps with the pain most of all.

3. All the snow has melted!
I know Phil predicted an early Spring but I've only had snow cream once this year and besides that it's still only February.
I need a little bit more snow!

4. I'm thinking of getting my hair cut. I've been wanting to grow it out, but I get impatient because it grows so slowly and this haircut seems like a pretty popular style these days. What do you think?

5. Did you watch the episode of Glee two Tuesdays ago? The one that introduced the power of four Biebers?
It almost made me want to see Justin's new movie Never Say Never.


But, I think it'll just suffice for me to watch this instead, baby (it's less creepy...that's for sure, thinking of how young Justin is!):

6. In case you haven't noticed I put a little formspring box on my blog. If you have any thing you want to ask, you can do it by clicking here. :)

On that note,
I hope you had a great Wednesday!


Nancy said...

I think you should pass on that particular haircut! I hope the P.T. works and helps get rid of the pain in your shoulder.

Brenna said...

Tasha! I love your blog and I love you! I wish I got a free pyrotechnic show! That would have been awesome!

Teachinfourth said...

My class loves this song (and so I play it at each class party so everybody will start belting it out at the top of their lungs).

Even the boys...

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