Friday, February 11, 2011


I don't really care what your stance on the issue is because it's just a fact that every time you go to a store around Valentine's day you will see all the love-ly red and white colors and hearts all around you.

This holiday coming up is pretty hard to ignore, unlike some other holidays, such as boxing day. I'll guess you'll just have to give in and embrace the love.

Even the air seems to be filled with love, don't you think? You're in a tub of love and you can't escape.

So, on this day in this month of love I will now proceed to tell you something...

I may not be very good at it, but I love to blog. I also love to read blogs.

I love blog background colors. I love different fonts. I love bad play lists and good play lists.

I love blog templates covered in hearts and buttons and little yellow polka dots.

I love lists and pictures of things that make people happy. I love the writers and picture-takers and mothers and the craftiness of women and seamstresses and fathers and siblings and geologists and genealogists and scholars and bakers who all blog about their experiences.

I even (or more especially) love the part of blogging that most non-bloggers are uncomfortable with, the part where people blog about their perfect grilled cheese sandwich or walking their cat on a leash, or watching their favorite movie for the hundredth time, or they link a song they love with a few lines of a quote they like, or how they aspire to be a singer, or they get mad at their husband, or they dedicate their post to someone, or they say thanks for reading their posts, or they pick a side of the immigration debate, or tell of the time when they were there to see a baby being born, or when they saw someone leave this world and how it hurt to write but they wrote anyway, or how they're trying to get sponsors, or they took twenty pictures of their kids swimming during swimming lessons and want everyone to see them, or they just got new pinking shears, or they talk about themselves and share too much information for too many lines in bolded font that's rife with spelling errors...

Yes, it's human, and sometimes very strange, and maybe somewhat detached, and quirky, and you seem a million times cooler when blogging about the "right" things.

People blog about their meals and their new haircuts and their aversion to sharpie pens and their knee-jerk reactions to certain religions or the newest politician. They aren't always well-organized or sensitive but they blog a picture of their hand that they took on accident, or how much they hate Facebook, or what their take on a controversial sermon is, or why the smell of a certain store or the leather couch in their apartment brings them relief...

These...all of these reasons are why I love blogging.

That you can write things in your blog nobody else in the whole universe has ever thought or cared about, besides you. And people read them and comment and somehow through everything we come together and boost each other up.

And if they do, or don't, it doesn't matter.

You're blogging it because YOU want to blog it.

For yourself.
For the record.
For your posterity.

Don't ever give it up.

Have a great weekend!


Noelle said...

What a perfect post!

Nancy said...

You definitely get around to a lot more blogs than I do if you've read all those things in blogs! I think I need to check our your blogroll more closely. Great post! Happy weekend.

Kathleen said...

As someone who is trying to keep two blogs going, I appreciate the encouragement. Thanks, Natasha

Erin {pughs' news} said...

Hi Natasha,

Thanks for visiting my blog, and for following me! I've come over for a visit and have been reading back through the archives a bit.

I, too, love blogging. I love reading other people's blogs and making new friends and playing around with my sidebar and adding cool new gadgets. I love getting comments, and writing comments, and winning blog giveaways and discovering new and wonderful blogs to read. I love when I get a new follower! So thank you. I'll be back!

PS: I'm sorry to read that you are having health problems. I hope you're well again soon.

Ashley McLemore (Dickinson) said...

I love this post, and it's the exact way I feel about blogging too. I like having the insight into other people's lives, the amazing recipes, the cute pictures of friends far away, the progress of relationships and families, the interesting experiences that other people have, and the opinions that everyone is eager to share.

I also love blogging personally because even if no one reads my blog ( which I'm usually sure is the case), It's a great feeling to be able to write down what's in my head. I'm such a disorganized brain, and having a chance to spit out emotions, thoughts, ideas, plans, or memories, clears room for others, and helps me remember things later on down the road when they would be hazy or altogether forgotten.

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