Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Things I don't count
the number of times I say: "I love you"
minutes I spend talking with a friend or family member
number of treats I take to a friend in need
calories in a treat I love
number of dollars it costs to drive home
the number of times I play a favorite song on repeat
candles on my birthday cake
amount of times I watch movies I love
hugs given and received

Things I do count
change given for a restaurant bill
how many floors it takes to get to my destination
tiles on my bathroom floor
number of books I read
my weight
books checked out on my library card
amount of times I shampoo my hair
hours of sleep per night
days till I see my family again
the little things

Things I wish I didn't count
watching the time (sometimes) when I'm in church
favors for people I'm not all that fond of
dates I've been on in the past two years
people saying "um" in conversations
text messages sent and received
marshmallows I can stuff in my mouth at any given point

Things I don't count but really probably should
days till deadlines
number of calories consumed in a day
number of times I exercise in a week
miles between fill-ups for my car

What counts for you?

1 comment:

Brenna said...

What a clever idea! I like your list of things not to count.

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