Sunday, June 1, 2008


1. I am graduating next Sunday and it's coming up so fast. I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand I'm excited and on the other I'm nervous and a little bit scared about what is coming up. I sometimes wish I had applied directly to graduate school for the fall so I would know where I would be, but during this year I was feeling so burnt out with school. It was my seventh quarter in a row and I just needed a break. Oh, well. I'll apply in a year and have the time off to decide exactly what I want to do.

2. We are going strawberry picking tomorrow tomorrow at Circle S Farms! It is the first day they are available to be picked. I should stay home and work on an exam that is due but I don't think I can. I love the smell of fresh strawberries and having them for days and weeks afterward. I also love eating them as they are being picked! Strawberry pie, strawberry jam, strawberry shortcake, etc. Yum!

3. I have grey hair. I can't believe it. I've been noticing them for a while (I only have about three) but it seems to early for me to have them. I've been considering whether I should dye my hair or just leave it. Maybe I will wait until I have some more...

4. I miss Montana and Wyoming. I really do. I love how friendly the people are, how laid back the lifestyle is, and I miss the beauty of it. I even miss the wildlife and the forest fire smell during the summer. The sprawling land and beautiful mountains always helped me to feel more at home. There is a certain freedom that I felt as I lived there (even though I was on a mission) the land is just so spacious and beautiful. Definitely God's country.

5. I just finished a juvenile fiction book called "Lily's Crossing" by Patricia Reilly Giff. The book takes place during World War II and is the story of a young girl named Lily and her adventures and struggles over a summer at Rockaway beach in New York. Good book, which I recommend (even though it's for young adults). And it did win a Newbery Honor award. For some reason I seem to gravitate toward books that take place during WW II. That time period has always been of real interest to me.

6. During this past month we bought two watermelons and they were both so mushy inside. :-( I don't know if it was the brand that wasn't good or what. It seems like such a waste of money. Even though we did use the insides for smoothies, I don't think they are as good that way. We 'tested' both of them and they sounded hollow but somehow they were still mushy. Maybe I don't really know how to pick a good watermelon. Any suggestions? There is nothing like a cold piece of watermelon on a hot summer day! It is so refreshing.

Happy first day of June!

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Brenna said...

Tasha, I think we should move to Montana or Wyoming this summer. What do you think? Call and let me know. ASAP ;)

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