Tuesday, June 3, 2008

60 + Things about me

  1. I enjoy learning
  2. I love the gospel
  3. I love my family
  4. I like watching thunderstorms and hearing the rain
  5. I become annoyed when people try to dominate conversations
  6. I wanted to be a veterinarian when I was younger (I love animals too!)
  7. I am left handed
  8. I love the smell of freshly cut grass
  9. I don't like spending money but when I do, I love finding a bargain
  10. I sign up for free contests in hopes that one day I might win some vacation or other prize!
  11. I have never owned a cell phone
  12. I like watching Seinfeld
  13. I love laughing
  14. I wish I were more adventurous
  15. I want to visit NYC someday
  16. I had two piercings in each of my ears (I've let the holes grow over though)
  17. I dislike goodbyes
  18. I love Montana and Wyoming
  19. My hair gets frizzy when it rains
  20. Two of my favorite books are Lost in Yonkers and Belle Prater's Boy
  21. When I get mosquito bites they really swell up and itch a lot
  22. I like going grocery shopping
  23. I think popping bubble wrap is therapeutic
  24. Cutting out coupons helps me to relieve my stress
  25. I am not a morning person
  26. I love eating peaches and cottage cheese
  27. It is hard coming up with things for this list
  28. I enjoy camping
  29. I've always loved screened in porches
  30. I met Thomas Jefferson once and and he signed a two dollar bill for me!
  31. I'm afraid of heights
  32. I home schooled during high school
  33. I love babies and children
  34. I enjoy learning about new cultures
  35. I am a laid back person
  36. I don't like making decisions
  37. I have never played a video game
  38. When I first meet people I usually think they think I'm snobby (I'm just quiet until you get to know me)
  39. Sometimes I am very self conscious
  40. I enjoy going to the movies and eating popcorn
  41. I'm really bad at letter writing but like receiving letters
  42. I will try almost any food once
  43. One time when I went rappelling I fell upside down
  44. I've had five surgeries
  45. I hate math because I'm awful with numbers
  46. I was born with a mole on my right wrist
  47. I've never gotten a traffic ticket
  48. I have never broken a bone
  49. I don't like Visiting Teaching (I'm working on it though)
  50. My right hip pops out of place
  51. The first time I rode a plane was on a private jet
  52. I love swinging
  53. I have a red birth mark on the back of my neck
  54. I taught myself how to ride a bicycle when I was 20
  55. I think who ever invented mint Oreos is a genius
  56. I love going to the public library
  57. Someday I want to own a house with a wrap around porch in the country
  58. I love to bake
  59. I think men in fire fighter uniforms are good looking
  60. I want to own a tree frog someday
  61. Watermelon and strawberries are two of my favorite summer time fruits
  62. I like people watching at airports
  63. I am almost done with college!
  64. I don't like talking on the phone


Anonymous said...

Natasha, you are such a quiet person -- I've learned some new things about you. Thanks for sharing. -nm.

Brenna said...

I just saw this post-- cool! I don't remember seeing this before. I love you Tasha!

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