Sunday, May 24, 2015

Conversations with my almost three year old

Malachi: Daddy has fingernails. Mommy, do you have fingernails? (He took my hand and looked).
Me: I do. Do you?
Mali: I don't.

Mali: Mommy my finger sadow is gone. (He loves shadows right now!)
Me: I know, because Daddy turned out the light.

Me: What was your favorite part of church today?
Mali: Eating fis (fish- meaning goldfish crackers) and pretzels.

Me: I missed you. Did you have a good nap?
Mali: Yes
Me: What did you dream about?
Mali: Yesus Rist (Jesus Christ. This is a very common answer).
Me: What did you do with him?
Mali: Mommy I dave him a hug.

Mali: Mommy sing song to me pease.
Me: What would you like me to sing? (I already knew the answer I just like hearing him say it).
Mali: I am child ob Dod. (I am a Child of God).
I sing it to him. Me: Any other songs?
Mali: Yes. Yesus Rist song. Yesus Rist. (Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam).
I sing that one- Me: Any other songs?
Mali: Mali-chi song. Mali-chi flys up in da sky. (We sing him a song about himself at bedtime. These three songs are his bedtime ritual songs!)

Mali: Let's do it! (Anything he's excited about doing!)

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