Friday, May 29, 2009

All is well

I like Nauvoo.

No, let me rephrase that. I love Nauvoo. This past Thursday through Sunday (the 21st through the 24th) we had a regional young single adult activity in Nauvoo.

Wow, what to say about it. Really, if you haven't been to Nauvoo you should definitely make plans to go. Soon! You really don't know what you are missing. The spirit is so strong. The testimony and faith of the early saints is still very much alive. I'm grateful that I was able to attend an endowment session in the temple, it is so beautiful. I echo what Joseph Smith said as he was leaving Nauvoo to go to Carthage: "This is the loveliest place, and the best people under the heavens...."

(Photo taken by Jim Carlton)

As I walked along the sacred path known as the "Trail of Hope" located on Parley Street, which the saints walked as they left Nauvoo and crossed the Mississippi River onto the journey west, I read the accounts from the jounal entries of some of those early saints. What faith they had, knowing that they were leaving behind their beautiful temple and the city they had built to go west. I learn much from their example.

I love the quote by Bathsheba Smith on one of the plaques: “My last act in that precious spot was to tidy the rooms, sweep up the floor and set the broom in its accustomed place behind the door. Then with emotions in my heart, I gently closed the door and faced an unknown future, faced it with faith in God and with no less assurance of the ultimate establishment of the Gospel in the West and of its true enduring principles, than I had felt in those trying scenes in Missouri.”

They had faith in God and with the power of their temple covenants burning in their hearts they knew all would be well despite the unknown hardships that were to come.

This is a scene similar to which the saints had as they walked down Parley Street and looked back on their beautiful temple for the last time.

(Photo taken by Jim Carlton)

The senior missionaries serving in Nauvoo are wonderful. When I'm older and I serve a mission, I'm going to Nauvoo. Not that I really have a choice, but if I did, I would go to Nauvoo. Actually, I would keep sending in my mission papers until I got called to Nauvoo! The two performances that we saw, we actually saw three, but the two main ones "Rendezvous in Old Nauvoo" and "Sunset by the Mississippi" are both wonderful. Rendezvous is performed by the senior missionaries and is a musical comedy and drama about life in Old Nauvoo. Sunset is performed by both the senior and young performing missionaries (who are in Nauvoo only for the summer) and is hilarious by the way, just in case you need another reason to visit. It is a show of songs, music, stories and dances of the Nauvoo era. Really wonderful!

As Elder Taggart, who is an area authority seventy, said in a fireside to us "You can't have a fond memory of something you never did." I will definitely cherish my fond memories of Nauvoo.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!

“I have learned to place a high estimate upon the love of mother. I have often said, and will repeat it, that the love of a true mother comes nearer being like the love of God than any other kind of love." Joseph F. Smith

The words of this song reminded me of my mother:

Her Garden
She moves her hand along the ground
Beneath her fingers silent sounds
Of living seeds finding their way
Through fertile soil to light of day

Then as the sky rains heaven's glow
She toils at weeds that seeds may grow
And she is sure beneath the earth
Her tiny seeds will find rebirth

In every task she undertakes
She cultivates a seed of faith
Within her garden grows a world
For she's no more a little girl

And with each dawn she understands
Why heaven's love gave her the land
For now her offspring in full bloom
Embrace the earth creating too

In earth's expanse she'll never know
The endless seeds her life has sown
Yet love still blossoms by her hand
She loves her life
She loves the land

(EFY 2000- Forward with Faith)

I'm grateful for the influence of my mother. I'm grateful for her faith and determination to keep going when things have not always been easy for her. I'm grateful for her love and acceptance of me. I'm grateful for her example of Christlike living. I'm grateful for her sacrifice. I'm grateful for the light of Christ that I see in her eyes. I'm grateful to have a mother that knows. Happy Mother's Day! I love you!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Let me just begin by saying how much I dislike centipedes. Dislike. Them. Immensely. Not that they have ever done anything to me, but they are just gross. They have so (too) many legs and run really fast and are the same color as our carpet, which poses a problem because they can hide. (If you're interested, you can see a picture and read about my previous griping on centipedes here).

This afternoon, as I was going downstairs to get something to eat, I noticed a dark spot on the dining room floor. I stepped closer to get a better look...and lo, and behold, it was a centipede. Great. Once I realized what it was, I backed away. No sudden movements, lest he see me and turn and run towards me. I had flip-flops on and I was not about to step closer in case he ran onto my feet. I was not going to take them off to kill him either. So, I grabbed a book from the book shelf and held it, planing my attack. I needed to get around to the other side of the table to slam the book down on him. The problem was, I just stood there. I was so afraid, I was frozen in place. I ran (at this point, I didn't think he could see me) back upstairs, trying to calm myself down. I hoped when I went back downstairs he would have moved.

I still wasn't sure what to do, so I took the next logical step. I called my mom. She said that I should use a shoe to kill him. I finally decided to go back down with a shoe and use that to kill him. He had moved. This time he was between the table leg and the chair leg. My shoe wouldn't fit in there to get to him. My mom suggested I use the chair leg, but I didn't think I could be quick enough. Over bouts of laughter from my mom....I took deep breaths and used the chair leg. I wasn't fast enough. At this point I was almost hyperventilating. He was still alive and moving away very fast. I quickly ran over and used my shoe (which was on my hand) to kill him. Finally. I had to take several seconds to compose my self together again. Phew! As of right now, my shoe is still on the dining room floor, covering up the dead centipede. I didn't have the nerve to lift it up, in case he was still alive. One down, how many more to go? Until next time...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Being Frugal is Fabulous giveaway

I love this blog! She gives such good ways to be frugal and sends such great deals for groceries and other things. This week she has a giveaway for a Betty Crocker gift basket.

How do you win? Good question... Go here to comment and enter for your chance to win!

Here are the rules that she gives:

"Leave a comment telling me what your favorite kitchen gadget is. My favorite would have to be my cheap plastic mixing spoons from Walmart. I am always melting them, but I hate using wooden spoons, so I could not live without them. A close second would be the new metal measuring cups that came with the gift basket. I always buy plastic ones because they are cheaper, and the numbering always rubs off and you don’t know what size you are using!

For extra entries, do any of the following and then leave me a separate comment for each extra entry letting me know what you have done for extra entries.
1. Follow me on Twitter and then Tweet about this giveaway.
2. Subscribe to my blog. Already a subscriber? Just let me know.
3. Blog about this giveaway and leave me a link to your post.

This giveaway is open from today, May 5th to Tuesday, May 12th at 1:00 pm, Pacific Time and is open to US residents only. Winner will be chosen using If the winner does not respond within 3 days, a new winner will be chosen."

Friday, May 1, 2009

A little Friday gratitude

I worked every day last week which will be quite nice for my paycheck two weeks from now. But, rent was due today and I was a little concerned about how I would pay it. Two days ago I received a call from my mom and she said that my federal tax refund had come in the mail...just in time for me to pay rent! Today, I'm grateful for small miracles.
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