Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I hope you had a lovely Christmas and New year.  It's gone by too fast, but we spent Christmas (10 days!) in Idaho with my in-laws (Jesse's parents).  It was fun for Jesse's parents to see Malachi since the last time they saw him he was only a month old!  Malachi was also able to meet all of his cousins- two of which are only 6 months and 2 months older than him!  I enjoyed seeing where Jesse grew up as well as his parents farm.  Malachi had fun opening presents, but like most babies he seemed to be more interested in the wrapping than the actual presents. I loved being a part of Mali's first Christmas. 

Malachi got a sippy cup from Santa for Christmas and loves drinking water out of it. He is also eating rice cereal regularly and enjoys that too. He has been doing a great job of sitting by himself lately and he even enjoyed a Bumbo seat while we were at his grandparents house.

A day before we left Idaho we visited Jesse's brother and his wife (also a Natasha!) at their house in Eastern Idaho. Then we left for SLC so we could see the lights at Temple Square. I had never seen them before and they were beautiful! What a lovely end to the trip. We are now in Columbus with my parents and sister and celebrated the New year here.  I'm glad we were able to spend time with my family as well. 

Here are a some photos from Christmas and New Years...

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