Thursday, September 25, 2008

I am...

I am....tired.
I think....finding a job shouldn't be this hard.
I know....the church is true.
I find some friends.
I have....the best family.
I family.
I fear....heights.
I feel....a little depressed.
I hear....Josh Groban singing.
I smell....nothing.
I crave....Brenna's chocolate chip pancakes.
I cry....more often than I should.
I search...for a friend and a job.
I wonder....if I will ever find something I enjoy doing.
I regret....not writing to my grandmother more often.
I wish....I had more money.
I family.
I care....sometimes, more often than I should about what other people think.
I my mom.
I worry....that I won't have enough money.
I am not....married.
I remember....being young and carefree. Being a grown-up is hard!
I believe....deep down inside, that everything will work out for the best.
I the shower.
I don't always....think before I speak.
I argue....sometimes.
I my journal, not as often as I should.
I temper.
I music.
I don't understand...a lot of things.
I can usually be the apartment.
I find a job.
I forget....but I'm working on it...
I am happy....not right now, but hopefully I will be.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Play list

I added a play list of music to the bottom of the blog. It is kind of hard to access down there but, it doesn't really fit on the side... So, if you want to listen to music you'll just have to scroll down. It includes a variety of different songs and artists and I hope you find something you like.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I have nightmares about these things. We have killed at least 20 of them so far in the apartment, and they are fast. We have a designated shoe to kill them and we keep it out just in case. Every night we see a new one (or two or three). Along with a spider and mosquitoes. Will it ever end? Until you have actually seen one in person I don't think you have an idea of the fear they induce. We can't walk anywhere with out the thought (and fear) of seeing one of them. They blend in with the carpets which makes it even worse. At least they aren't upstairs in the bedrooms. I have shivers just thinking about them. Gross!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Innocent until proven guilty

We thought Hannah looked a little too innocent and sweet... and cool for her own good.
She showed us her paws and we didn't see anything, we were a little suspicious though, but then...
we saw her nose and we knew,

sure enough, she had been digging!

Those are the Terriers for you!
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