Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Mali and the raspberry

Mali loves fruit.  Loves it!  He will eat almost any type, but his favorites are bananas and berries.  During the summer Jesse would fill up Mali's stroller cup holder with berries and Mali would just munch away, happy as a clam!  I love that he loves fruit.
At the end of August my parents came down to visit and we ate lunch at our house.  My sister brought a bowl of raspberries and those were the main thing that Mali ate....I'm pretty sure he ate the majority of the bowl!  This series of photos reminds me (and my mom) of Little Jack Horner.
(A few weeks before this, Mali experimented in eating food by sticking his finger in it (Cheerios, fruit, etc) and then transferring it to his mouth.  He decided to try it again with the raspberry!)

 I love his concentration lips in this photo!  Trying so hard to get his finger in without the raspberry falling off.

 Still trying....

 Open wide!

 Fish lips!  "I'm pretty cool with this raspberry on my finger!" Yes, you are Mali!

 The raspberry finally made it to his mouth.

 His face looks like the raspberry was sour, but it didn't deter him because he kept eating.

"Oh, that was good!"

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