Sunday, September 29, 2013

Photos! Finally...

This was taken on Mali's 1st birthday, June 12, 2013 at IKEA.  Oh my gosh, I love how happy he is in this photo!!

He really enjoyed sitting in the sink (though this photo doesn't quite show that).  This sink would be perfect for baths!

This was taken on June 19th (one week after his birthday).  Mali and my sister's birthdays are one week apart (different years, of course!) so my parents came down to celebrate her birthday as well.  We were at a park where we ate lunch.

Mali had a cake on his actual birthday, but sadly my parents and sister weren't able to see him eat it.  So I decided to make him another cake and we gave him it to him when my parents came back down for my sister's birthday.  (His hair was kind of long and he was kind of sweaty so my sister decided to kind of spike it up!) 

Here he is trying the first bite.  He was more willing to eat this one than his actual birthday cake!

Digging in!

He is sure enjoying it!

He's waving in this one...!  I think he is also admiring his cake-y hands as well!

He looks so serious!  But he is definitely enjoying the cake.

He is really good at sharing!

"Yum!  That was delicious cake!  I'm stuffed!"  (He didn't eat the whole thing- he had eaten about half of it when I took the rest away because I could just imagine a sugar coma in the making).

My sweet baby!  I love him so much!  And time really does fly.  I can't believe as of this blog post, he is almost 16 months old (in about two weeks).

Hopefully you enjoyed these photos!  I will try to post more soon.

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