Friday, April 13, 2012


Fact: Jesse and I have a word (or two) of the week usually every week.
Fact: About a week ago the word was bulbous.

Fact: My belly is becoming very bulbous.

Fact: We made pork chops with roasted asparagus (plus olive oil and kosher salt) for dinner last night at 9:00pm.
Fact: We both agreed it was a very delicious meal and needs to be made more often.

(Not our picture and not the recipe we used, but it looks very similar to what ours looked like. Fact.)

Fact: We made a very big decision last night.
Fact: One that will impact us for the next many years of our lives.
Fact: We are both very excited.
Fact: But, we both had trouble falling asleep.

Fact: We are taking a birthing class.
Fact: It is a four week class and we've already been to two weeks so far.
Fact: The teacher mentioned that in some cultures, people use the placenta as fertilizer in their garden.
Fact: I said that everybody could give all the placentas to Jesse and he would plant them at the Arboretum.
Fact: Jesse said he would not do that.
Fact: Somebody asked "if the placenta is planted does it grow a baby?"
Fact: Everybody laughed.

Fact: We talked about birthing helps in the class on Tuesday and forceps and vacuum were used as visual aids.
Fact: One of the class members put the vacuum on his forehead (of his own accord) and had another class member pull on it to see what it would feel like for the baby.
Fact: He was sitting there with a vacuum bopping around on his forehead.
Fact: We all laughed.
Fact: He had a red mark/bruise on his head for the rest of the night. (Post edit: And they said it stayed there for about the next 4 days!)

Fact: My shoes make my feet stink.
Fact: At lunch, I took my shoes off and wiped both my feet with a disinfecting wipe.
Fact: I think I need to get rid of those shoes.

Fact: Jesse is at the temple tonight helping with baptisms.
Fact: He won't be home till late.
Fact: I miss him.

Fact: Baby Dahl kicks a lot.
Fact: I really like it!

Fact: It is Friday!

Happy Friday!!

Edit- Thanks to everybody that commented in the last post! You are all too kind!


Laura said...

need to know life altering decision that made you not sleep.

Jeanette said...

Me too. Now I need to know. Fact. :)

Unknown said...

Not sure if you've seen Kids History or if you need too! FACT:Kid History is hilarious! P.s I hope the life altering news is that you're moving back to Ohio...... :)

Jeanette said...

Kid History is hilarious!

Brenna said...

I like your facts ;)

Nathan said...

My guess is you are buying a house!!!!!!

Loved this post full of facts.

Have you heard of this web series? I think it's called Kid Histories. Basically, these brothers (married with children) have told their little children stories from when they grew up and then they video taped the kids retelling the stories and then the adults video taped themselves re-enacting the stories but they mouth the words of the kids. They are pretty hilarious and there is one where someone keeps saying "FACT!" I found the link:

Love you preggo Natasha!

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

Haha love this post!

Melissa Blake said...

I just found your lovely blog....and love this post! xoxo

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