Friday, March 2, 2012

Wonderman and past few days

I'm married to a wonderful man! Jesse puts up with my crazy pregnancy thoughts and...

came home from work early yesterday and cleaned up the whole apartment!

Let me back track a little bit- on Monday Jesse called me when I was on my way home from work and said that he still had some work left to do at the Arboretum and asked if I wanted to pick something up for dinner and meet him there so we could eat and walk around for a little bit after he finished.

I made a stop at the apartment to grab something he needed and to go to the bathroom. There was a note on our front door which I briefly read and said they found evidence of bedbugs in adjoining apartments and would be treating our apartment as a precaution as well....

Then as I stepped onto the carpet in front of the bathroom I noticed it was squishing down- not normal. Then I stepped into the bathroom and realized that several of the ceiling panels had fallen down and the floor was wet. Water had also seeped into the bedroom carpet right in front the bathroom, thus the squishiness of the carpet.

So I grabbed what Jesse needed and headed out.

Later, when we got home Jesse was changing and noticed that the majority of the clothes in our closet were wet too along with the carpet in the closet. Not good.

I called emergency maintenance and the maintenance man said that there had been some sort of leak in the apartment above us and apparently they had failed to check our apartment to see if there was any damage! Geez! I informed him there had been damage. He said he would let them know in the morning.

I showed the bedbug letter to Jesse and we read through it- they wanted to come on Thursday (yesterday) to treat for them and we needed to have all our clothes bagged up, sheets off the bed, furniture moved away from the walls 18 inches, etc. so they could get in and spray.

When I came home from work on Tuesday, my sister had said the maintenance guy came and just put a dehumidifier in the bedroom for the leaked water. That's it!

By Wednesday the carpets had started to smell like mildew and I was getting upset at the maintenance people since the hadn't been back to do anything.

Wednesday evening, Jesse and I bagged up our clothes and transferred them to our cars and moved the furniture out from the wall. Well, he moved the furniture and I bagged the clothes...

We talked about it and decided that because of the possible side effects of the bug chemicals we didn't really want them to spray because of me being pregnant. We also have finches and we weren't sure what would happen to them. But Jesse said that by law they're required to spray when there are bedbugs. I said I would much rather deal with the bedbugs than the effects of the chemicals and that if our baby was born with a birth defect because of them we were going to sue and I made him unwillingly pinkie promise!

I asked Jesse if he could take the finches to the Arboretum and he said they wouldn't allow it. My response (which was mostly hormone based as I look back): "Don't you care about the finches?" He said "yes I do. But, we can buy new finches - we can't buy a new baby and if they don't spray because of our baby, the finches will be fine too."

We decided to write a note and let them know.
Jesse wrote:
"Please spray only if absolutely necessary.
My wife is 5 months pregnant.
At this stage the developing baby
is extremely susceptible to pesticides.

Jesse D.

The baby thanks you too!"

We left the note up and went to bed.

During lunch yesterday I spoke with the lady in the office and told her about the mildewing carpet and asked if they were going to do anything. She said the maintenance guy was in our apartment right then putting up new ceiling panels in the bathroom and said once the carpet dried a little bit more they would have it steam cleaned. I had a very curt email ready to send to her about the problems!

When I came home from work yesterday, Jesse had cleaned everything up, put all the furniture back, brought all the clothes back in, and vacuumed the apartment. He said they had written on the note that they had sprayed very lightly only in the cracks.

Thankfully! The finches are fine and so is the baby (hopefully).

Good thing since we don't have money to sue!

P.S. I really hope morning sickness isn't coming back. I've thrown up twice in the past two weeks (including last night). But complaining would really be silly, since we're so blessed! We're having a baby!!

P.P.S. I'm pretty sure our son thinks my bladder is his own personal little trampoline. :) "It's so bouncy!"

P.P.P.S. I realize this post would be much more effective and interesting with pictures and I have them, but they're on my phone and my computer at work won't let me transfer them. So you'll just have to wait.

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Tiffany Kadani said...

Goodness! How much can go on in a week? Sorry that you've had all these troubles. So glad you have each other.

Where are your cookies? Sigh, sorry. I bought them but have yet to actually get to the post office. They're coming!

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