Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dr. appt

Quick post-
I had my 24 week doctor's appointment today.
It was very quick- basically in and out, but during the visit I was able to hear our sweet baby's heart beat with the doppler and it was 140 beats per minute.
He was kicking and made the machine screech with sound.

It made me laugh because baby Dahl sure is excited to be alive!

Jesse has felt him kick as well, only a few times though since mostly when he puts his hand on my belly, baby Dahl stops kicking. It's so fun to see my belly move when I'm sitting down and then put my hand on my belly and imagine that I'm holding him.

We're excited to meet you, sweet baby. (But not until you're at least 40 weeks...)


Becky said...

pictures! pictures! pictures!

Natasha and Jesse said...

Ok, coming soon! I've taken a few so far, I just have to get them transferred to my computer and then onto my blog!

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