Tuesday, February 9, 2010

In the Which the Mystery is Revealed

Baby, it's cold outside!

The cold and the combined snow means a snow day today! Except it's raining now which means we couldn't get any snow cream out of it. And most of the snow has melted which means it's just a slushy white mess. So, what we have is a snow turned to rain day. But it is very sunny outside, thankfully. We haven't had much sun during the past week.

I really want to see this movie, but it's gone from the theatres and the library charges to check out new videos. I guess I will have to wait until I go back to Columbus. C'est la vie.

(500 Days of Summer)

For Christmas I received a digital camera. Yay! But I have no computer to download the images to, which is the reason my posts only have images I've taken from Google.

I'm thinking of starting a food blog, I have so many recipes that I want to try. But here's the thing. I think food blogs should have pictures, somehow it just makes the food more appealing. Don't you think? The lack of a computer pretty much hinders the adding of pictures. I guess I will just have to wait until my computer is fixed.

It seems as of late that life and time has taken a cosmic fast forward. Why does it go so fast as we age? I've always wondered that.

Older people say to me, "enjoy your youth while you can, it all goes by so fast."

I'm now beginning to realize they are right. Time does seem to speed up as we age. Last week I was listening to NPR and scientists have some new theories as to the reason why. Take a look for yourself, here. Very interesting reasons they provide and it definitely makes sense.

(Enter embeded video - be sure to watch it on the NPR website page link above- you have to scroll about half way down (it is the video with the Asian girl). I tried to embed it here but the video wouldn't show up.)

So, on the verge of sounding old myself, enjoy life while you can. It passes us by all too quickly.

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Ashley McLemore (Dickinson) said...

I adored 500 Days of Summer. It has a great retro throwback feel and is full of quirky delights because of the awesome soundtrack and actors! I vote we have a movie nigh sometime soon. My treat!

I am Laura said...

Go to redbox and get the movie. It is a cute one. I feel my youth has already slipped away now that I have three children. I never was much of a young person anyway. I think I was born having a personality of a 30 year old. I am finally feeling my age in life. I hope you are liking your new camera. I bet you can't wait to see the pictures on a computer.

Anonymous said...

Ohh, I like the idea of a food blog. . . even if it's just recipes you want to try! That would be great!!!

Unknown said...

I really did not like that movie! But if you really want to see it I would go Redbox. I think you can get coupons online for a free rental!

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