Sunday, February 28, 2010

Achieving Greatness Through the Power of a Dream

17 days of

Fair Play
Hard Work

17 Days of Dreams Achieved under one flame.

Goodbye my friend, Vancouver Winter Olympics. I will miss you, but I'll see you again in four years in Sochi, Russia. (Hopefully with Apolo included!)

(Apparently I am not allowed to post interviews with Athletes or Olympic competitions on my blog. NBC only allowed me to choose from certain videos that I could post).

But, you can see some of Cris Collinsworth's (CC's Top 5 Moments of the Games) here!

So because I can't post any interviews of performances I will post some of the most Memorable Olympic moments (in my opinion):

In no particular order...

1. The historic U.S. four man Bobsled Gold.

2. Apolo Anton Ohno winning two Bronze medals and a Silver for a total of 8 medals--the most in U.S. history for a Winter Olympian.

3. Evan Lysacek winning Gold for figure skating and the first gold for Frank Carroll, his coach.

4. Joannie Rochette's figure skating performance winning Bronze despite the death of her mother the Sunday before.

5. Bode Miller winning Gold medal in the Men's Super-Combined Alpine skiing (and Silver and Bronze in Super-G and Men's Downhill).

6. Kim Yu-Na winning Gold in the ladies' figure skating event.

7. The Canadian Men's Hockey victory for Gold. (Even though I was cheering for the U.S.!)

8. Lindsey Vonn's Gold in Women's downhill skiing.

9. Shaun White's Gold in halfpipe.

10. Alexandre Bilodeau's Gold medal in Men's Moguls Freestyle skiing.

Thank you Canada! The Maple Leaf Forever!

What will you remember most from the Vancouver Olympics?

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susette said...

k. i love you. but that stinkin commercial just made me tear up right before going to work. ::breathe:: :)

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