Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I have an announcement to make...

According to a comment by an "anonymous" person (ahem, my mom, ahem) in the last blog post (right below), I neglected to tell you about Snickers Pie.

A little background information...our family had (notice past tense...for some reason I really like parentheses today...and ellipses) a favorite restaurant in Columbus named Josiah's that we frequented- may it R.I.P. (it was a very sad day when it closed). Anyway, they had this dessert there that we ordered almost every time and we would share a piece of it. It was called Snickers Pie. We tried very hard to pry the recipe from the owner, but she refused and wouldn't share her secrets (my dad even offered to work there washing dishes for her in exchange for the recipe, but it was a no go) - the restaurant was closing, but she wouldn't budge about sharing it. So we set out to find the recipe for the peanut butter part on our own. We tried one or two recipes but they just didn't cut it. The consistency or taste wasn't quite right.

Then we found this recipe. It sure tastes really close to the one that the owner used at Josiah's. Here's how you make it. First you need to buy the ingredients: you will need the ingredients that she mentions for the pie itself but you will also need peanuts (salted and roasted work just fine - really any kind but raw) and caramel apple dip.

First, you make the crust (you can follow along with The Pioneer Woman's nice pictures). After the crust has cooled you add the caramel. I don't remember if we used the whole container, just use your best judgement. Next, you add a good layer of peanuts, but the actual amount depends on how much you like peanuts. Then you add the peanut butter topping from the recipe. Lastly, you dig in and eat it! Oh, wait, first you should probably chill it, but you might not be able to wait that long.

It's enough to send anyone into a diabetic coma, but it's oh, sooooo good!! Happy eating!

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