Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!

“I have learned to place a high estimate upon the love of mother. I have often said, and will repeat it, that the love of a true mother comes nearer being like the love of God than any other kind of love." Joseph F. Smith

The words of this song reminded me of my mother:

Her Garden
She moves her hand along the ground
Beneath her fingers silent sounds
Of living seeds finding their way
Through fertile soil to light of day

Then as the sky rains heaven's glow
She toils at weeds that seeds may grow
And she is sure beneath the earth
Her tiny seeds will find rebirth

In every task she undertakes
She cultivates a seed of faith
Within her garden grows a world
For she's no more a little girl

And with each dawn she understands
Why heaven's love gave her the land
For now her offspring in full bloom
Embrace the earth creating too

In earth's expanse she'll never know
The endless seeds her life has sown
Yet love still blossoms by her hand
She loves her life
She loves the land

(EFY 2000- Forward with Faith)

I'm grateful for the influence of my mother. I'm grateful for her faith and determination to keep going when things have not always been easy for her. I'm grateful for her love and acceptance of me. I'm grateful for her example of Christlike living. I'm grateful for her sacrifice. I'm grateful for the light of Christ that I see in her eyes. I'm grateful to have a mother that knows. Happy Mother's Day! I love you!

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Anonymous said...

That's very nice. Thank you, Natasha.

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