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Obviously I haven't posted in over a month.  I know I need to update this blog very badly but it's hard when I don't have internet at home and my time at the library is mainly limited to printing off my lesson and running after a very active toddler.  Blogging is something that gets put on the back burner and often times I want to write a post but my pregnancy induced brain doesn't have the energy to put a post together.  There you have it...the reason for my non-blogging.  Not that I really have many readers left anyway, but that doesn't matter since mostly I do this blog for me.

So, for an update (bullet style)...

::  Those of you who are friends with me on Facebook know that we are expecting baby #2!  A girl!  In early January (as in the first week in January!)  I am currently almost 35 weeks pregnant.  This time in my pregnancy with Malachi I was already on bed rest and he would be here in about a week.  Keeping my fingers crossed that I don't end up on bed rest with baby girl.  Although it would be nice to have her early (since I am feeling very pregnant) I understand the importance of letting her grow until 40 weeks.

::  I have been sick for pretty much the last two and a half weeks.  It started out as a cold and then progressed to what I though was a sinus infection (although my OB didn't think so and didn't give me antibiotics).  Now I think I might have strep throat since it feels like a knife is digging into the right side of my throat every time I swallow (though I haven't had strep throat since I've had my tonsils out about 20 years ago....)  Jesse has named my "frog voice" Leroy, since it sounds like I have a frog in my throat when I talk.  Honestly I think I'm going to be sick until I have this baby.  It's been over two weeks.  I should be feeling better, right?  Not to complain, but I want to feel better!!

:: My Mali cat is 17 months old!  Time is going so fast.  And it seems to be going faster every day.  I love watching him grow and develop.  I especially love watching his mind work as he plays with toys or encounters something new.  He is so cute.  I just can't help but kiss his cheeks (almost all day long).  I know he doesn't like me to do that (all day) because he squirms out of my arms, but I pick him up anyway and smooch away.  I am so grateful to Heavenly Father for trusting me with him.  I just love him!

::  About two weeks ago we got a kitten (who was named Popeye) from one of Jesse's co-workers and Mali just adores the cat!  He will walk-run (mostly a fast walk since he can't actually run yet) after him and try to tickle him (to tickle Mali will rub his fingers together and say tickletickletickletickle!)  Mali likes Popeye way more than Popeye likes him.  Which is probably how it is with most toddlers and cats, I'm assuming.  Mali stays occupied with him for a good while though and I'm thinking it will be good practice for when his sister is here.

::  I'm scared of giving birth this time, ok, I guess not actually scared of giving birth per se, but scared that the birth will be similar to Malachi's.  Don't get me wrong, I loved having my sweet Malachi in my arms at the end but the process of getting there did not go well at all for me.... 
I started having high blood pressure around 33 weeks.  Since high blood pressure is a sign of pre-eclampsia, which can become dangerous to mother and baby, my doctor kept a close eye on me and a week later I was admitted to the hospital over Memorial Day 2012.  I spent two days in the hospital being monitored and when I was released I was on bed rest until Malachi was born about two weeks later.

A day before Malachi was born I went in for a doctor's appointment where we had an ultrasound and I had blood drawn.  The office called later that day and said that as soon as I could I needed to get to the hospital to deliver my baby since my blood work didn't come back well.  They said I had elevated liver enzymes which is an indication of HELLP Syndrome.  I was terrified.  I called Jesse at work and told him what the doctor said and he said he would finish up and be home soon.  I cried as I took a shower.  When Jesse got home he gave me a blessing and then we left for the hospital.

I had to be induced with Pitocin (since I obviously wasn't ready to give birth on my own).  They had the amount up to the highest they could give me and I still wasn't having strong enough contractions.  They took me off of it for about three hours overnight so we could get some rest (ha ha) and then they started it again.  The contractions still weren't strong enough so about 10 that next morning the doctor came in and broke my water which started the strong contractions.  Long story short, I labored for about 24 hours and when it came time to push I gave about three pushes and since I had the fetal monitor on the doctor noticed that as I was pushing, Malachi's heart rate kept dropping.  She decided that I needed to have an emergency c-section.  I started crying again.  Yes, I knew it was best for my baby since his heart rate was dropping, but I had already been through 24 hours of Pitocin induced contractions.  I was just ready to have my baby in my arms.  They prepped me for the c-section and told me it might be possible he would have to be taken to the NICU.  When he was born the doctor said that the cord was across his chest and wrapped over his shoulder which was causing his heart rate to drop when I pushed.  Thankfully he didn't have to be taken to the NICU, but it felt like forever before I got to see him.

After I gave birth they had me on Magnesium for 24 hours to prevent me from having a seizure.  That ended up making me very nauseous and I threw up.  Honestly I felt horrible.  I was still so, so swollen and felt groggy from the epidural and still in shock from the emergency c-section and having everything happen so fast at the end.

Anyway, I didn't mean for this to be a birth re-cap, but there it is.  That is why I'm scared to giving birth this time.  I don't know what "normal" is for a birth.  Not that there really is a normal when it comes to birth...but still...  I remember talking with Jesse before Malachi was born and asking "what if I go through 24 hours of labor and end up having a c-section anyway??"  Maybe I set myself up for it or jinxed myself.  I guess I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that I don't end up with pre-eclampsia this pregnancy.

::  I started using homemade laundry detergent about two months ago.  I like it.  It seems to get the clothes clean and is definitely a lot cheaper than store bought detergents.

::  I'm glad to be home with my family in Columbus for Thanksgiving.  Jesse drove up today and surprised me by arriving around 7pm.  I had forgotten that the Dean usually lets everybody go home at 12:30pm!  Mali and I are happy to have him here!

::  Happy day before Thanksgiving!

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Nancy said...

Natasha, I have been praying for you and the baby and hope that the rest of your pregnancy will go easily and that your labor and the delivery will be easy! {Hugs to you.}

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