Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Marcel is back! And cuter than ever...


Nancy said...

Silliness. Pure silliness.

Becky said...

Marcel is an Italian name...wouldn't you say? Thought this was going to be honeymoon pictures! Ha! I really did!

I forgot about Marcel...he/she is so cute. I think Marcel is a boy name but it had pink shoes on...hmmm.

That was FUNNY! Love that cute little shell. Loved it when the dog woke up and Marcel screamed and then hid in the couch! And when the dog was sniffing around and Marcel was hiding and then said, Oh no. Ew I can smell his face. And then Marcel was standing on the Z. Such funny and cute details and stuff!

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

This is so adorable!! I loved watching it!

Tahlia said...

I LOVE Marcel!! Thanks for posting this! Congratulations on your wedding. You and your husband look so cute and happy!

Anonymous said...

Did he know MARCEL the FRENCH hood along with BENITO?
MOB is MOB,after all, and there's nothing like it when they want to put pressure on the unsuspecting ...and GYRAM HURE was good at it...so good ,he thought, to write two death threats which we have kept for further " judgements".
And now, how smart was that " GIFT" to us?
About as smart as calling himself " GIFT" the GREYHOUND.
" Silly" GYRAM HURE...in" Silly" NICE.
Even " Sillier" PENN VALLEY.
But KARL ROVE, we don't forget you , either,
How many vets you turned into HEROIN addicts and you got FF for that,too?
Nothing less than " FIRING SQUADS"....KILLA HILLA, too.

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