Thursday, September 1, 2011

September love

I always think of Septeber 1st as the beginning of Fall, though I know it really doesn't start until the end of September. But the days do start getting cooler and more fall-like...

Here are some things that I'm excited for in September:

♥ Today is one month and one week till I marry Jesse! ♥ my birthday (beginning of September) ♥ Jesse's birthday (end of September) ♥ beautiful fall leaves changing color ♥ cool morning air ♥ soups and chili ♥ evenings with blankets and snuggles ♥ giving and receiving birthday presents ♥ delicious homemade bread ♥ my upcoming wedding (refer to the first thing on the list) ♥ Labor day weekend ♥ Possible trips to Mammoth caves, Natural Bridge, etc for hiking and looking at fall leaves ♥ My passport coming! ♥


In other news, we finished registering for our wedding.

Two of the big things we registered for?

A Kitchen-aid mixer (professional series!)


Roomba- a vacuuming robot!

The Roomba was pretty much scanned as a joke (but not the kitchen-aid) since I'm pretty sure we won't get either of these things (expensive!). But Jesse said he would laugh if we got the Roomba and not the Kitchen-aid. But I told him that if we got the Kitchen-aid he would get more homemade bread- which he loves. One can hope, right? ha ha


Nancy said...

I, too, love September because of the anticipation of the cooler fall days. I always hope early September days will be cool but they often disappoint -- as they did today: high 90s! But it won't be long.

Valerie said...

I hope you get that Kitchen Aid! I have wanted one for a looooooong time!

Teachinfourth said...

The Kitchen Aid is an awesome invention...don't know what we did beforehand.

Ashley McLemore (Dickinson) said...

I'd hope for the kitchen aid ( that was the ONE thing I REALLY wanted that we didn't get). I've had a roomba before. They are entertaining to watch, but not very efficient.

CinnamonInk said...

Hey Natasha!

You won my giveaway on CinnamonInk! E-mail me which print you want and I'll get it in the mail!


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