Saturday, November 6, 2010 3

Do you ever have those days where you just don't care or have no motivation?

Well, today is one of those days for me.

The problem is, I need to care because I have a Relief Society lesson I need to finish up for tomorrow and other things I need to get done.

And I don't want to be like Pierre either (and that's not the whole's just to whet your appetite. You'll have to check it out from the library to find out what happens to him).

Nevertheless, this is what I am grateful for today (and I did miss yesterday).

Especially this aspect (not whole book either) of Frances. She is just so darn cute.


Claudia said...

I loved the Francis books. I read all of the to my daughter, who is now 28. I also liked Frog and Toad books , What Did You Bring Me by Carla Cushkin (hard to find), Dr Desoto by William Stieg, Tear Water Tea ( can't remember the author) Perfect the Pig, there are so many more but I can't remember the authors.

Nancy said...

Did you first meet Francis when you were little or later when you took a children's lit class?

a.k.a. Olivia said...

you have great taste in books! These are both favorites of mine, too. I need to get some of the Frances books, we had several of them when I was little.

Natasha and Jesse said...

Claudia- I like Frog and Toad books too! I'll have to check out the other books you suggested.

Nancy- I read them when I was little. I don't think we discussed them in the children's lit class.

a.k.a. Olivia- I agree, I need to get some of the books. She is just so cute!

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