Saturday, November 13, 2010

His Promises are Sure

In my Patriarchal blessing it promises me that I'll get sealed in the temple and have a family. Some days I look at my current life and wonder if maybe I have somehow interpreted His promises wrong...that maybe the promises won't happen.

But then, in quiet moments, the Lord kindly and lovingly reminds me that He made the promises and that He intends to keep them. That He will keep them, and fulfill them in His own due time.

I feel somewhat like Abraham did, wondering how the Lord would make of Isaac a righteous generation when he was on the altar. Or how Zacharias felt when the angel told him his (very) old wife would have a son. Or how Hannah felt when she longed for a son but was unable to have one.

I really don't know how the Lord will fulfill His promises to me, but I do know that however it happens, there will have to be miracles involved. It can't happen any other way.

But the Lord can do miracles. And He will for His due time.

As I trust in the Lord, He will fulfill His promises, no matter what they may be, as I do my part through faithfulness and obedience to Him.


Fei said...

Part of what I understand about faith in blessings is that it has everything to do with action. If I really truly believe that the Lord intends to keep his promises, then I'll do whatever it takes to help him make it happen.

It is when I doubt and give up, that I no longer keep up my end of the bargain.

Anonymous said...

Hi Natasha!

I just stumbled upon your blog from your facebook post. Consider me a fan. I hope all is going well with you in Lexington. I miss it a lot sometimes...

Megan Noyce

Holly and Dan said...

I've thought of this often, as well, in our struggles to bring children into our family. I used to hate it when people at church would say things like, well she got pregnant because she had enough faith. Urgh!

Five years down the path, and 4 children later, I do know that He does keep his promises, in one way or another.

Love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Nicely put. His promises are sure and He will carry us through. Just keep holding tight to His promises and breathe. Give Him the room to move in you and by that I mean make time for Him. You can't experience the fruit of the spirit if you are always going a million miles an hour. Be still and know that He's with you.

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