Wednesday, September 9, 2009

09.09.09 OR (One Year Older)

One year ago today, on my birthday, I moved to Lexington. It's been a year of challenges, growth, and fun times too.

I went home over the weekend, for Labor Day, and my mom made a birthday cake. We ate some then (I blew out the candles!) and I brought the rest back to Lexington to eat. It is very, very delicious! You just have to be happy when you are eating a chocolate birthday cake. It's a true fact! We went out to eat on Saturday at a seafood place in Columbus. And I will go out to eat with my roommates this coming Friday or Saturday too.

I think my birthday numbers this year are pretty cool. It would be even cooler if I were turning 9 or were born at 9:09, but I'm not and wasn't. (I am glad I'm not turning 29 though. Then I would just be sad).

The kids on the school bus sang happy birthday to me in both English and Spanish. It was cute!

Tonight, we (a group of friends and I) went to see the movie UP. It was funny, especially the talking dog. I highly recommend it. It was a little bit sad, but other than that, good movie.

If you want to see birthday pictures you can go to my mom's blog and look at the cake.

Birthdays are much better when they are spent with family and friends. Thanks to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday... I definitely feel loved!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had such a great time! Sounds like your birthday has been celebrated a whole lot! In Ohio, and in Kentucky at the very least. Have a great next year!

a.k.a. Olivia said...

Happy Belated Birthday! That was nice that you could celebrate with your parents! It's always sad to be away from family for your birthday.

Becky said...

Great always. Also love the post about the Columbus Temple. Cool!

You look so cute in the pictures on your mom's blog! I miss you! I hope you had a wonderful birthday and that you are able to stretch the birthday celebrating as long as possible. (how old are you?)

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