Thursday, August 6, 2009

Money Can't Buy Me Love

New research show that apparently your brain thinks money is a drug. They say money replicates the same feelings that love creates in social situations. Their experiement to test this: they had people count either currency or plain paper, then some of them were asked to stick their fingers in a bowl of 122 degree (hot tub hot) water. Those who had been counting the money did not feel as much pain from the water.

Maybe money is the new morphine.

Money=love? OR Money>love?

Perhaps it's more of a Pavlov's dog type reaction: we see money; we envision the things we can buy with the money; and that makes us feel better. Or it could be the smell of money. Money has a distinct smell and certain smells can definitely elicit strong emotional responses. As the people were counting the money, I'm sure they could also smell it and maybe that caused the decreased pain from the hot water. Hmm, interesting research.

1 comment:

Brenna said...

I really like the smell idea. . . interesting. . .

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