Monday, June 1, 2009

I can handle it in moderation

It's June already. Where has the time gone? Christmas was just last month, wasn't it?

I can live through June. Despite the hot, humid, mosquito laden, sunburn-producing days. I will survive (cue the music. C'mon sing the song. You know you want to. . .), with the help of ice cream sandwiches, otter pops, ice cream and fresh produce.

On another note, though slightly related, the media seems to have died down a bit about the Swine Flu (a.k.a. H1N1). I'm still somewhat sick of hearing about it. Think of the things that we (the world, the U.S.) have gone through, and lived, just in the past decade.

1999: Y2K
2001: Mad Cow Disease
2002: West Nile Virus
2003: SARS
2005: Bird Flu
Now, 2009: Swine Flu

I think we will live through this, meaning June and Swine Flu, too. It's not the end of the world, though it may feel like it.

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